LOOKING for a water closet? INAX Malaysia Sdn Bhd has introduced a modern high technology toilet bowl called REGIO and SATIS. They are fully automatic tankless water closets with modern design.

Nanotechnology is used in producing the super smooth surface of the toilet bowl which remains smooth even after many years of use. It facilitates cleaning and gives long-lasting cleanliness through the flush flow. For the ordinary toilet bowl, water stains (such as mineral build-up) tend to form at the water surface level and flow line. The water stains are hard to be remove no matter how you scrub. Not with REGIO and SATIS, which are also antibacterial products that help prevent bacterial contamination.

REGIO and SATISREGIO and SATIS features a dual nozzle system, automatic deodorisation and an air dryer. The nozzles undergo self-cleaning each time before and after you use the toilet, as well as the automatic deodorisation. The dual nozzle system provides both posterior wash and feminine wash. Even more, the flushing system gives a strong whirlpool flow while flushing. It gives a much better cleaning effect than the ordinary flush system as it allow most of the flush flow to wash the toilet surface as well as to purge waste.

REGIO and SATIS are equipped with a sensor system which detects movement when you are approaching, sitting down and getting up. It is the sensor system which activates the automatic flushing, cover lifting and the self-cleaning nozzles. The flush system is water saving (up to 5.51) compared with ordinary flushing. The built-in faint light prevents any early morning surprises when you step into the toilet without switching on the light. Moreover, the body of the SATIS can be listed up during cleaning. It also has a dry and comfortable seat and cover.

REGIO is also equipped with relaxing music and plasmacluster functions. Relaxing music will play automatically when the cover lifts up. You are able to select the type of music depending on your mood (12 recorded songs), such as classical music or relaxation sounds. You can also download and programme your favorite music with a removable SD card. Plasmacluster lon produced by Plasmacluster technology enhances comfort in the toilet room (jointly developed with SHARP). Plasmacluster lon clean the air by preventing the propagation of mould which is the source of the odour, and then increase the ratio of the negative ion to adjust the ion balance to a more natural level.

REGIO and SATIS combine creativity and technology. Find INAX Malaysia, on Facebook. (http://www.facebook.com/inax.malaysia).