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Xylin Total Care mouth

August 9th, 2012
  • Cleans and Eliminates Germs for a Healthier, Fresher Mouth
  • Alcohol free, Fluoride free
  • Kills 99.9% of oral bacteria in just 30 seconds
  • Removes contaminated debris from teeth, gums and tongue
  • Helps eliminate plaque and prevent gum problems
  • Promotes long-lasting fresh breath
  • Helps fight germs that cause sore throat
  • No artificial sweetener, colour and flavour

Xylin Total Care mouth

Xylin Total Care was tested and proven that 99.9% of bacteria has been destroyed after usage.

Unlike ordinary mouth rinse, Xylin Total Care mouth rinse delivers an exclusive Deep Gleaning Micro-binding technology, literally binding to bacteria and other contaminated debris and removing it instantly from your teeth, gums and tongue. This refreshing product leaves your mouth cleaner than just brushing alone and provides you with lasting fresh breath.

  • The amazing effects of Deep Cleaning Micro-binding technology!
  • This amazing formula is a unique blend of herbs with a pleasant and refreshingly minty taste.

Green tea

Patent-pending Catechin Complex, an ingredient derived from green tea proven to fight bacteria, prevents plaque & eliminates bad breath.

Xylitol (White Birch Extract)

This natural sweetener improves the flow and pH of your saliva. This helps rinse away excess bacteria and sugar, neutralize decay-causing acids, and promote remineralization of tooth enamel.


Helps kill bacteria and inhibit plaque formation.

Swertia herb & Sophora

These herbs both have anti inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits.

Red ginseng extract

Contains more than 40 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to stimulate the immune system. Studies have shown that it helps to prevent against teeth and gum problems.

Malic acid

Like xylitol, malic acid stimulates saliva flow in your mouth and washes away harmful bacteria. It also has a gentle whitening effect to reduce yellow stains on your teeth.



You Name It, I Have It!