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Wishes Come True

June 10th, 2012

Double Up Your Good Karma

Yes, you can Double UP your Good Karma with special way – Transfer merits to others. “Merit” (功德) is anything you did and store in your mind for future rebirth. This is the thing causing you Good Luck or Bad luck, causing you born rich or poor, causing you be Deva (God) or ghost, it cause you many things. In this phase we can consider Merit as seed and after the tree growth big and born fruit it can call as the Karma is matured.

This mean even you are doing good or bad, both will have merits. And in Nature law it want people do good. And it allows you to transfer the good merits to others. But only Deva, Ghost, and Human can get the transferred merits, animal and residents in hell will not get it.

How to transfer merits?

After you doing any good things, now open your both hand, just said “I would like to transfer the merits of (define the good things, example let birds freedom) for all beings, it include my family, all being in the world, angels and Deva.” If you notice carefully, you will feel your palm have some small movement, yes it is the merits moving. But if you are not a mediator, only the all beings, ghost, Deva or angel who closes near to you, may be 5 or 10 steps from you will only able received the merits, because the merits are not able get far.

Wishes Come True

Work around transfer merit for far

You can use a glass or bottle of water, and said “All the Good Merits I have did just now for the birds freedom will be store in the water that I am holding, and will transfer the merits follow by the water.” After that try to put the water in river, of cause you can just invert and let the water in the land. After that the merits will auto follow the water go as far as it can until the merits fully transferred. This able let the all beings in or on land and water gets the merits.

The second way will be using the josstick and do the same, the merits will follow the air and go a far as it can, normally this able the angels and Deva get the merits.


When you are new for transferring merits you can easily get in Bad Luck! Because your non-human enemy want you transfer more. This is just like I own 3 friends A $100, B $200 and C $100.  And now I have money and return A, and A go tell B and C about it, and now B and C come after me for money. Seems I am not able see B and C, this will cause my life not good and some trouble may happen.

When you start transfer merits, not only your enemies get it, while some ghosts also get the merits. Ghosts are in suffering stage, just like you see a group of hungry beggar, when people giving food or money, all of them will rush to that person to ask for more. Same thing, after you transfer merits, they will ask more, the worst is, they will even tell their friends and more will come to you and asking for merits. At this time, you will sudden feel unlucky, and always unhappy with unknown reason.

No worry, what you need to do is continue do more good things and transfer merits for all beings. After they got enough merits they will leave. Some even will reborn as Earth Deva, the God in human world and they will start to protect you. At this time, your luck will be come GOOD!

Become more Good Luck

Merit is just like a seed, its need time to growth and become a tree lastly to have fruit. Mean that if you do any Good things, even Big Good Karma it still take time to get you in real Good Luck. But it will help all your small Good Karma growth bigger. Example, you have the good karma to get a third price lucky draw and the prize is a television. But after you do the Good Big Karma and also transfer merits to other, and this help your good karma to improve and now you may get the 1st price for a car. The Good things you have done and also transfer merits will be like fertilizer, good sunlight, and pure water for your tree. By having these good things for your tree, the tree will now growth stronger and have big and sweet fruit.

Get your wishes come True

Everyone have their own wishes and hope it come true. Yes you can do it, if you know the secret. After transferring the merits, it will create a joy and feel happy for doing so. And this feeling is an energy, and it can help you to make the good karma focus on what you want. For example you want to be rich, and if you know how to use this energy, it will start arrange your life differently and when time reach, it will enable you meet something, may be a business and finally you get rich.

How it work? Well after transfer the merits just continue open your hand and said “Let the transferring merits’ energy helping me to achieve (your wishes, example be financial free by doing business) ”  after that both hand put infront your chest where able the energy back to you. This energy now will rework and rearrange your karma and let them achieve your wish. The bigger wish you want, the same process you need to repeat more, and try to make your wish as detail as possible.


Donation money is the best way to earn the merits for wealth karma. After the donation, transfer merits and make wish by using the energy. This will help speed up to achieve your wish in nature way. If you ask some successful business men why they are rich, what the root reason is, and why they can meet it. But normally they do not know why they can meet it, stranded answer is fate or luck. In realistic, they can meet it is due to the wealth karma has matured. The energy for make a wish is helping you to arrange your wealth karma to meet the fate.



You Name It, I Have It!