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Why You Still in Bad Luck

February 29th, 2012

Why You Still in Bad Luck / The Nature Law

From time to time, I continue listen people blaming about they have do lots Good thing, these including donation and helping in charity, but still they are unlucky. And they feel everything is unfair. It’s pity, in realistic they do not know what the REAL Karma is; simply doing any good things may not help for stopping or reduce the power of BAD Karma. And this has cause them get into Bad Life even they said how many Good things and Charity they have did.

To able you better understand the concept of Karma, I will now show you the real life example:

Today, if you are in bad mood and you see a pity small dog. You then go and kick the dog. If there is no people see it, or no people dare to report you. Will you get into trouble? Definitely No.

Dhamma Talk - Why You Still in Bad Luck

Now, let’s change to a Beggar, if no one sees it or no one dare to report it. Will you get into trouble? Again, the answer is No.

This time, we change to the Gangster, if you kick him, what will happen? I think you know the answer. You will not only get kick back from him, while his brothers will come after you and make sure you will need ambulance bring you to hospital.

Lastly, we change to a Famous Politician, now you heavily kick him, what will happen? A confirmation is the Polis will bring you into Polis Station, and mostly you will get into jail.

From above, you can see that a same action delivered, but different people will end up with different result. Karma is also same, if you do not know what the right Karma is and simply do, these will not help for preventing or reduce Bad Karma. And this definitely will cause some people blame the world unfair, everything just not good for him, and he feel he is the most unlucky one.

Now let’s change the activity. Let’s use Save a Life.

Today you save a Dog life, what will happen later? The dog will follow you back home, and you need to feed and take care the dog.

You save a Beggar life, he will say thank you to you.

If you save a Working Person life, he will say thank you, and buy something for you.

Now if you’re save a King or Billionaire life, he will say thank you, and will help you be Rich or he will try to buy anything you want in order to appreciate for saving his life. And for definitely, you will also become his VIP.

After reading, now do you see the different? If you have not do the right Good, this will definitely not helping you to stop the Bad Karma happen. In deep, many people blames why Good people always be bad luck, in realistic, the Good is not big enough to fight the Bad Karma. And when the Bad Karma mature, the Good things he or she has did is too small and this not able block or reduce the Bad Karma, again fall into Bad Life.

Now you wonder what is the Big Good Karma which will help? Yes, I will show you in later article. Before that let me share with you the final of this article.

Today, you Kick a “Well Practice Monk” due to your mood is not good. No body see it, and the monk just keep silence. You think you have nothing to worry, but in realistic, after just small amount of time, this person who kick the “Well Practice Monk” will soon in Bad Luck, and this person will not know why sudden fall in Bad Luck and start to be like a crazy person, to blame, to do the deep wrong thing or illegal thing, finally may lost his life or in deep sick.

Must Know!!! If you are in market or coffee shop and a monk asking for Money, this will definitely is a FAKE Monk. When you donate Money to this kind of Fake Monk, the Good Karma basically is equal to ZERO (0).

A Real Monk is only asking for FOOD but Not Money, please take note.



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