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Well Again

December 21st, 2011

Well Again

Worried about future medical problems? Or are you just looking for a long term health plan which will keep you healthy?

Today, we are happy to introduce to you a great deal at Well Again Healthcare Centre.

The Medical Clinic thrives to use the most advanced methods for early diagnosis and treatment, therefore they’ve included machine tests to help you detect medical symptoms at an early stage.

Their treatment is not just medicinally-based, but also employs nutritional and physical therapies.

For the best results for you, they have partnered with nutritionists, dieticians, and physiotherapists and also utilize up to date technologies that are able to perform 140 tests to detect the root of your illness.

Most importantly, Well Again will tailor your treatment for you and only you! No one else will have the same treatment plan, you should expect:

Live Blood Test

Blood from your finger will be tested to check the health status of the cells, cholesterol, blood acidity, and hidden diseases in your body.

Full Body Composition

Looks at the composition of your body including weight (kg), body fat, muscle mass and basal metabolic rate.

H.H.A. Hidden Diseases Test

A comprehensive, full body, non-invasive scan for the 12 various organs in your body.

The 12 organs include your: heart, spleen, kidney, liver, respiratory system, endochrine system etc.

Free D.I.Y Vaginal Smear Test (For Ladies Only)

As this is DIY, you won’t have to go through embarrassing moments with the doctor. This test can help detect gynecological diseases and cancers.

  • Free Doctor’s Consultation
  • Free professional advice will be given after the tests.

Well Again
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You Name It, I Have It!