Firenzzi food warmerFIRENZZI‘S innovative products make your life easier. You can relax more and watch your favorite movies without any worries about having to cook your meals at an appointed time. The new Firenzzi buffet server/food warmer can provide hot and warm dishes anytime for your family members which lets you have a warm dinner whenever you want.

Reheating food requires some effort although there are many ways to do it like the following:

Using the microwave to re-heat: Most people use this method. It is simple but most families are uncomfortable with it as micro-waving may make food too hot and also dry.

Refrying: This method changes the taste of the food, not to mention having to wash the utensils. To steam the food by using the wok or steam oven: This will overcook the food and give it a different taste.

The above are the traditional ways most families use to reheat their food. But thank to the Firenzzi food warmer, everybody can have a warm meal anytime without having to re-cook steam or reheat in the microwave.

The Firenzzi food warmer is user friendly. Just put all the cooked dishes into stainless steel trays and cover with the transparent lid provided. Then switch the temperature control to the maximum and the food warmer will take approximately 15 minutes to heat up the tray. Once the temperature reaches between 75″C and 80′C, the heater will turn off automatically.

The control knob will operate again once the temperature is below 60′C.

Take note that the Firenzzi buffet server does not require water or candles, unlike traditional buffet servers. The Firenzzi buffet server/food warmer has low energy consumption at only 300 watts. If you are busy entertaining your friends during parties, the Firenzzi buffet server is perfect for keeping the food warm without you having to check on the food, saving cost and time as there is no need to use candles like in traditional buffet servers.

The Firenzzi buffet server is made of high quality stainless steel and comes in three models FW-200, FW-300 and FW-400. The lids are made of see-through quality plastic, so you can view the food even when it is covered. Clean-up is easy as the server is made of stainless steel. Just remove the pans and the plastic lids and place them in the dishwasher.

You can purchase the Firenzzi buffet/server at selected Parkon Stores and authorized dealers nationwide. For details, log on to or call Asia Summit Marketing Sdn Bhd at 03-6148 2028 or e-mail