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Treating Burns With Egg White

May 6th, 2011

Sharing a BKM from email about how firemen use to cure burn.

Treating Burns-Egg white

燙傷急救靈藥 – 蛋白

One hope never to be needing it, but just in case:…

A simple but effective way to treat burns with the help of egg white. This method is used in the training of firemen.


When sustaining a burn, regardless the degree, the first aid is always placing the injured part under running cold water till the heat subsides. And next spread the egg white over the injury.


Someone burned a large part of her hand with boiling water. Despite the pain she held her hand under running water, then took two eggs, parted the yolk from the egg white and slightly beat the egg white and put her hand in it. Her hand was so badly burned that the egg white dried and formed a white film. Later she heard that the egg is a natural collagen.

有人遭滾水燙傷大塊 手肉,她不顧疼痛,握住受傷的手,置患處在流動的冷水之中。熱感退卻後,取出兩顆蛋,分開蛋黃,把蛋白略微打散。把患處浸在蛋白中。她的手燙得想當嚴重,連蛋白都熱亁成一層白的薄膜包住患處。後來她才聽說蛋裏有天然膠原蛋白。

And during the next hour layer upon layer, she administered a white layer on her hand.  That afternoon she didn’t feel any more pain and the next day there hardly was a red mark to see. She thought she would have an awful scar but to her astonishment after ten days there was no sign of the burn, the skin had it’s normal colour again!其後的


The burned area had been totally regenerated thanks to the collagen, in reality a placenta full of vitamins.




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