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Treadmill Workouts Upon Your Fitness

February 2nd, 2011

Treadmill workouts

Many people complain that working out on a treadmill can be boring. Workouts often begin with a warm up. Once that’s done, you set the speed and elevation and run or walk for the next 30 minutes. You could also use the treadmill’s pre-designed programmes which programmes the treadmill to change its incline over time.

As a result of this “steady mind” training, your body knows what to expect each time you step on the treadmill.

What you need is to “surprise” your body. That way, your body has to adjust to new “workload” or stress.

fitnessconceptTry interval training, which will work the fast and slow twitch muscle fibres for power and endurance respectively. The training sessions that target the fast twitch fibres will burn more calories during training and also after training.

This training produces an after-burn effect that can last from one to many hours. However, it is subject to your fitness level and the grueling training you had undergone.

Choosing your initial treadmill setting will depend upon your fitness level and your ability to sustain training duration. For first timers, a three-mile per hour walk with zero inclination is recommended and as one gets fit you can progress to three-miles-per-hour with 5% inclination. The speed or incline of the treadmill will depend on your fitness level.

When one jogs at any intensity level without breathing heavily and is able, at the same time, to “hum” or communicate, you have achieve a steady state. You are ready to increase your training intensity.

Another effective training that will overcome boredom is the one-minute work – two minutes recovery routine. Run all out for one minute (work interval) and then jog for two minutes 9recovery interval). Repeat this for the duration of the workout. For rehabilitative purposes or specific cardiovascular needs, the safest, most effective and recommended training mode is to use the heart rate as the guide. In this training mode, to determine the training heart rate is: 220 minus age = maximum heart rate. Based on the results of the fitness evaluation conducted a training intensity (heart rate) on the percentage of the  maximum heart rate can be determined.

As one gets fit the target heart rate increases. It is hypothesized that using this protocol reduces the risk of inducing a potential heart attack. Moreover, this training intensity varies from individual to individual based upon their individual fitness, thus it is individualized. Treadmill will always be preferred over bicycles or cross-trainer in cardio-respiratory training. This is in spite of all cardio-respiratory equipment that were scientifically designed for the human physiology.

This preferred could be the additional advantages one harnessed over the other equipment if one is to train at similar training conditions of intensity, duration and frequency. For more information, log on to



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