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Tiger Balm medicated plasters

October 20th, 2015

TIGER Balm has been a trusted brand for generations in relieving a range of aches and pains. Over the years, the special formula has been reworked and remodeled to offer a wide range of revolutionary products that include medicated oils, creams, gels and such. The brand today incorporates medicated plasters in its portfolio of products. These come in two variants, which are warm and cool.


Contains ingredients such as menthol, mentha oil, eucalyptus oil and capsicum extract. These help alleviate muscular fatigue and pain, stiff shoulders, contusions, sprains, backaches and arthritic pains. It is quick permeating and its warm action provides speedy relief that provides comfort for hours.


Made from ingredients like menthol, mentha oil and eucalyptus oil which provide long-lasting relief from pain, stiff neck and shoulders, muscle aches, arthritic and back pains, contusions and sprains.

Similarly, it provides fast relief and cooling comfort for hours.

Tiger Balm Plasters are an analgesic (painkiller). They are also a mild anti-inflammatory product. Once applied, its ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin to stimulate blood circulation which helps to expedite the healing process.

The special features of Tiger Balm Plasters include:

  1. Non-woven material: Allows ventilation and is stretchable. Is gentle to the skin and can be peeled off easily.
  2. Hydrogel pack: Contains Tiger Balm special formulation and provides lasting relief for hours.
  3. Strong adhesive: For extra stronghold at knee cap, elbow and joint areas.

To apply, first clean and dry the affected area. Then peel off the protective film and apply the plaster, changing it once or twice a day, depending on one’s condition. Take note that one should apply the plaster half an hour after bathing and remove the plaster an hour before bathing.

Tiger Balm Plasters are available in two different sizes, small or large, to suit specific needs. They are sold in packs of two and are available at all major retailers, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Tiger Balm Plasters



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