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The Ultimate Life & True Health Mastery Congress

May 2nd, 2011

Basic HealthSecrets behind healthy living

IF you believe that living is all about having a healthy body, you have yet to grasp the core essence of life. Similarly, if you think that true health is simply the absence of disease, you are in for a big disappointment because it is not.

If you want the keys to unlock the vault that contains health secrets, don’t miss the “The Ultimate Life & True Health Mastery Congress ”.

At the congress, you will find some life and health information your doctor, pharmacist, nutritionist, or health practitioner have never told you. In fact, you will find some “controversial” but breakthrough ideas that are contrary to what you have been told. But rest assured that these ideas will help to shift your thinking towards uplifting your well-being a few notches higher.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the congress highlights:

  • What is true health?
  • The ultimate force that shapes our life
  • The difference between “lifecare”, “ sickcare” and healthcare
  • You can be fit but unhealthy and lifeless
  • The one highly overlooks way to build a long healthy life
  • How to deal with foods that trigger overeating
  • The three key sources of disease and how to remove them
  • 50 essential factors for a healthy life
  • The conventional food pyramid is a key culprit for today’s fast deteriorating health conditions
  • There is no healthy cooking oil in the world
  • The greatest enemy to weight management
  • The two most overlooked and misunderstood essential nutrients
  • The untold facts about Omega-3 essential fatty acids
  • Is the hype over nutritional supplement overblown?
  • The key factors to look out for when buying nutritional supplements
  • Chronic degenerative disease-can they be avoided?
  • The truth about osteoporosis
  • Must children take health supplement?
  • The No. 1 under-recognized cause of fatigue in women
  • The most overlooked way to increase your energy levels
  • Stop feeding your body with forbidden foods
  • The secret of what you can’t eat finally revealed and more

All these untold health truths will be revealed to you by two of today’s top health experts in the world. The keynote speaker, Dr Udo Erasmus or “The Father of Essential Fatty Acids” who has a Ph.D in Nutrition, is an expert on oils and fats. His best-selling book – Fats that Heal, Fats that kill has become the “authority on fats and oils” that no one can ignore. His revolutionary findings on oils and fats have even earned him the honour of appearing as a guest speaker at many events.

Also appearing at the congress is Haus Volker, head of regulatory affairs at SALUS – a leading health supplement manufacturer in Germany. Kutsher is a member of the International Committee for Medicinal-Pharmaceutical Affairs, German Medicines Manufacturer’s Association.

He is also a lecturer at the Academy for Health Food Stores in Bad Homburg (Frankfurt). These are also two other guest speakers who will share their insight on health. For details, call Basic Health & Beauty Sdn Bhd at 03-62729316 or 012-3272910. Or visit us at



You Name It, I Have It!