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The Safe Life Karma

November 27th, 2012

“Your life only left …month/s” doctor said.

Some sickness may cause you die in short time. In previous chapter, we have discuss about “Freedom for animal” which help cure sickness. If you are facing a big bad karma which will take off your life, the let go animal may only help reduce your suffering or extent the life for small amount of time.

The Current World Big Good Karma

This information is sharing by an enlighten monk Arahant on what kind of karma you can build and able use it when you want to safe your life. The Big Good Karma is donating LAND for building a Buddhism Temple.

The Safe Life Karma

Real Story

Arahant share his own story which about haft year ago, he was in sickness on his liver keep blooding. After operation, the blooding still going on, and doctor mentioned that he will soon die if the blooding not stop. Then, he quickly calls his master asking why he is facing this and what karma is happening? The master replied, this happen is due to one of your past life is a soldier. You caught an enemy soldier and torture him in order to get the secret information. Before he dies, he hates you heavily and will revenge as well as take your life. Now the karma has matured, and it’s time to take your life.

Arahant quickly ask his master if any way able help for this bad karma? Yes there is only one way, which is GIVE your donate land to build Buddhism Temple’s Merit to this pass life enemy. Arahant quickly follow the instruction, after awhile, the blooding stop and recover!

From the real life story, we know that the pass life enemy is not only be human, animal, God or ghost. They can also be in our body as a cell and waiting the karma to mature.

Why Donate LAND to build Buddhism Temple is a Big Good Karma?

Further analysis, you will found that the good karma for your future or next life will not only wealth karma, due to many all beings can learn Dhamma in the temple, you will get wisdom karma and elegant karma. All beings are happy when learning Dhamma and meditation, you will earn happy life karma. Earth Devas will also stay in the temple, this let you earn the karma of protected by Devas or respect karma. And there still many more good karma for this donation. In fact, once it matured, you will be King either in human world or King of the Devas/Gods.

LAND is expensive, how to buy and donate?

For donating a land to build Buddhism temple is a rare opportunity, especially like us, because land is the most expensive thing in current world. If you notice some where is asking donate money for buying land to build Buddhism Temple, you can join it. Even you donate small amount of money, this already consider you have donate land for building the temple. While you can keep this in your mind, and use it when it’s urgent. Some how, it might be a waste because once the karma matured you can be a King.

Still remember the teaching in article “Wishes come true”? Yes, if you smart enough, once you make the donation you shall instantly transfer the merit especially for your enemy. It will help reduce the chances for the bad karma to mature.

Please do donate smartly, don’t because of paper or email asking money and you go donate it. Please check for detail and confirmation before donate. You might get cheated just because of greedy.



You Name It, I Have It!