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The Real Good Luck

June 9th, 2012

The Real Good Luck / Big Good Karma / How to be Happy and Rich

The previous article we share about why Good People, who always involve in charities and donations but still unlucky. We do understand due to not doing the right Big Good Karma and this causing them not able stop or reduce their bad karma and be unlucky. We are not asking you stop on donation or charity, because this Small Good Karma will help enable you to participate in Big Good Karma. So, keep do the right thing, after reading this article, your previous Small Good Karma shall able help you get the Big Good Karma.

Once again, I would remind both Good or Bad Karma is just like a fruit seed, it will take time to growth. For detail how it works, please read back the previous two articles “Why You Still in Bad Luck” and “Drinking Salty Water For Life”.

Before go into the Big Good Karma, lets introduce another 2 terms. They are “Merit” (功德) and “Energy” (力量). Karma is a seed, what you plant now will get the fruit later, while Merit is similar like Karma but it is more on like papaya, when you cut the papaya, you can see many seeds inside, and you can share the seeds to other for growing more papaya trees. By doing Good Karma will have the Good Merit while doing bad will also have bad Merit. For Energy will be the happiness created after the Good Merit transfer to others, it will able you to make a wish and get it true.

The Real Good Luck

The Big Good Karma

Base on Nature Law, it is extreme hard to have a person to be perfectly enlightenment and become Sama-sam Buddha. In human world time, it will take unlimited time to enable the universe have a Sama-sam Buddha, any offers or services give to Sama-sam Buddha is the most Best Big Good Karma. Next will be Pacceka Buddha, it take shorten time to have Pacceka Buddha, but still in human world time, it need unlimited time to have a Pacceka Buddha. Unfortunately, in current world there is no Buddha, you and me have no chance to offer good things to Buddha at this moment.

The second highest Good Karma will be offer good things to Arahant, Arahant is the monks who follow the teaching from Lord Buddha and get enlighten. Arahant is well respect by the Nature Law.

The following will be offer good things to Anagami, Sakadagami and Sotapanna. These people are enlight but not enlighten. Compare to normal people, they are very “clean” and will not do bad to others. Unfortunately, most of them even they have enlight to these level, but they still do not know; only those have “Buddhism Magical Power” then they may know it. For detail, please read my previous article “Four Progressive Stages For Buddhism”.

Next will be the Buddhist relate things, like monks, temple, Dhamma books & CDs. The quality of Good Karma will depend on how much the monk or temple follow Lord Buddha teaching and how pure the Buddhist Dhamma. And the Dhamma talk will depend on how true it is or how pure for the Buddhist Dhamma.

Lastly will be Parents, while after 2500years later, there will have NO Buddhism in human world, at that time, its only able offer good things to parents as Big Good Karma.

Lets summarize the marks, offer good things to Buddha will get 10 marks, Arahant 8 marks, Anagami 6 marks, Sakadagami 3 marks, Sotapanna 1 marks, Buddhist relate 0-1 mark, and Parents 0.5 mark.

The Big Good Karma 2

Next will be how high your desire for offering the good things. If its Automatic from your heart will get 10 marks, invited by others will be 1-5 marks, entertain other for doing good will have 0-2 marks.

Then will count on your Ability, out of your ability for doing Good will get 10 marks, normal may get 5-8 marks, easy for you may only get 0-5 marks.

Lastly will be how “Clean” you are. If you are Arahant you will get 10 marks, Anagami will be 8 marks, Sakadagami 3 marks, Sotapanna 1 marks, mediators will have 0-0.5 mark, normal people will get ZERO mark.

Sample Story:

In Buddha time, a young girl respect Buddha and she feel it is dark at night when Buddha is giving Dhamma talk to others. She is poor, and would like buy a lamp and offer to Buddha to able others see Buddha at night for Dhamma talk. She has no money, but she goes and cut her long beauty hair and sells it. After selling her hair she uses all the money to buy a lamp and offer to Buddha. Of course this is the MOST Biggest Good Karma. Why? Let’s calculate, offer to Buddha 10 marks, automatic think from heart 10 marks, out of ability by cutting hair, as girl most like their beauty hair, this able her get another 10 marks. Total up she get 30 marks for offering the lamp. This Good Karma enables her to become a highest authority God in the highest heaven for long time and get respect by all beings.


Marks adding are just an example which simplifies the explanation. In reality the calculation will be “multiply” and the Buddha mark will not be only 10 marks so little, will be more than Billion marks, that’s why very hard to have the chance meet Lord Buddha.



You Name It, I Have It!