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The Qikung Walking Exercise

October 6th, 2011

If you can’t even spare a little time of 15 minutes to do this “LAZY” exercise, then forget about your own health……………

The Qikung Walking Exercise that I am teaching at different venues is good but needs at least 1 hour a day to practice for good results.  Since many of you are still working, here is one exercise I believe could help you solve the “time” problem.   Just 15 minutes a day and good results can be expected if you do it diligently everyday for a period of 2-3 months (depending on individual’s health conditions and one’s duration of holding up the legs….)

A real simple exercise to help you to increase your energy…

Give it a trial and have fun and good health…

Lie down on your back, raise your legs as show in the photo – 90 degree at thighs with body, 90 degree at knee joints, 90 degree at ankles – and keep this posture for 15 minutes or longer.   Start with as long as you can manage and add on the minutes.  That’s it.


1)     Drink before and after the exercise 300cc of warm water.   Breathing normally.   Don’t hold back your breath.  Using the energy from your waist and “Dantien” to hold your legs in that posture as long as you can manage.

2)    When you are lying down in this posture, blood will flow back to your liver and kidneys ensuring fast detoxing  and increasing your metabolism.   You will feel very “soared” with your legs and your pituitary gland will be activated to hasten the detox process and the toxins in your body will be excreted via sweating.

3)    When you are lying in this posture, your body is getting rid of the “toxin” in your body.   They your good body cells will be stronger and has definitely a good control of any bad cells (including cancer cells) inside your body.

4)    Since you are using your waist’s energy to support the legs, your Dantien and MingMun (2 of the main acupressure points) were used to do the breathing, your Front and Back main Meridians will be cleared and connected.   Thus your minute skin pores will be opened to help with the “detox” process.   With breathing through the Dantien, it helps to lessen the burden of breath on your lungs.   Therefore, you heart functions will be stronger with the result that your blood pressure will also be lower.

5)    When you sweat, the acidic  toxins will be excreted, your blood lipid (fatty deposits) will be burnt.   Spleen is in charge of our 4 limbs.   Therefore, your blood sugar level will also be stabilized with the result your spleen function is being improved.   End result is that you will feel more calm and gentle.

6)    When your legs are up, your small intestine’s movement will be activated and your bladder’s muscles will be stronger.  Therefore, constipation, abnormal menstruation, prostate problems can all be avoided.   Also, once your digestion and excretion systems are in order, you will have good appetite and can maintain your normal body weight.

7)    When your legs are up, your spine is straight.  That means your whole body’s muscles will be strengthened.  Qi and blood will flow smoothly throughout your body.   Your joints can easiy have more bone marrows and the nerves alongside your spine are well connected with all parts of the body.   Thus degeneration of joints and growth of bone spurs can be avoided.

8)    When your legs are up, all your inner organs are working in  harmony. Your brain burden will be less and thus can function better, resulting in clear heads, better memory and no more insomnia.   Also you will have better tolerance and stronger will power.

Therefore, the longer you can hold up your legs in that posture, the better and long living you will be.


這些年有時常會有些身邊的至親、朋友、同學等有不健康遺憾,在教拳中每當看見有人因身體不適, 花錢來學習太極拳時,我心中總是會有不捨與難過,因為大都是積勞成疾。

西醫無法根治、中醫調理要花錢、花時間!我們社團內也有醫師好幾位來學習太極拳藝, 只為了想用最自然的方式養生!

只花你一點點的時間,就可以讓你精神倍增、改善體質;這個功法,約民國87年在屏東有一位太極尤師姐教我練習,當時,只要有人生理不適、便秘、胃腸消化不良、尿失禁、攝護腺腫大等, 她就免費傳授。

一、   在抬腳時前、後需各喝300西西溫開水,心平氣和保持輕鬆,自然呼吸、不可憋氣,靠腰力及丹田氣力來支撐身體下半部所受之酸。使身體與大腿成九十度、大腿與小腿成九十度。支撐至少十五分鐘以上。

二、   在抬腳時血液會迅速流回肝、腎,給予重新解毒排毒,此時新陳代謝增加,腰部以下會有強烈極酸的反應,為了排解瞬間增加毒素,人體腦下垂體自會分泌激素,激發潛能,加強排毒,最後在流汗中,將毒素予以排出。

三、   在抬腳時可引濁氣下行排出,升清降濁正氣倍增,體內正常細胞大曾活躍,癌細胞自然死亡。

四、   在抬腳時神闕(肚臍)及命門同運氣,打通任督氣血暢行無阻,毛細孔擴張,增加皮膚呼吸及代謝作用,因丹田訓練呼吸,減少肺部負擔胸腔之濁氣自可順利排出,解決心胸之鬱悶、心胸開朗氣沉丹田、心臟恢復正常功能,心理壓大降低、血壓隨之穩定。

五、   在抬腳時因流汗,自可將體內酸性毒素排出,血脂肪自然燃燒。脾主四肢,所以血糖可以穩定,改善脾的功能,人的性情自然溫順和譪可親。

六、   在抬腳時,大小腸自然會蠕動,膀胱更有力,男女生理功能更是增強奏效,何來秘便、月事不順、攝護腺腫大等失調症。胃腸消化、排便正常,何來肥瘦不均,胃口不開呢?

七、   在抬腳時,脊椎保持水平,全身肌肉富有彈性,氣血順暢,各關節自會增生骨髓,脊椎兩旁神經恢復平常傳導作用,何來關節退化,或長骨刺的名稱,壓迫神經的病痛呢?

八、   在抬腳時,因內臟全身運作,腦內革命,心理生理調適正常,何來睡眠障礙症。頭腦清醒、智慧、記憶力當然會增加,這是真善美的表現。激發意志力及吃苦耐力,方能突破酸的痛楚、障礙,達到流汗的過程,發揮抬腳的最終目:抬的愈久,活的愈久。



You Name It, I Have It!