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The Love Story

April 11th, 2012

The Love Story / Husband and Wife Karma

In this chapter I would like share about the Love Story, why and what is Love, and why fall in Love, why break up, and why …

“The world with 70 Billion of people, why I have the fate to meet you, and we fall in love.”~andygen

What a wonderful beginning, this is what most people think about when he or she start to have a special feeling to someone. And never have a person able answer why, they just said love is love, nothing can explain. But in realistic, there are reasons behind and we will further explore it now.

The Lovers:

1. Each 1st meet and fall in love

2. Taking sometime or longer time plus activities happen, only then fall in love

3. Love the person, but the person did not love you

4. Both Love each other, but never have a chance to be couple

5. And the one never find or have a lover

Since Love is romantic and fell happy … Why still happen on quarrel, fighting, hurt each other and break up?

Standard excuse is: after together only found that they are not match … If this is the reason, why beginning, when the time start fall in love, you can 100% support him/her but now things have change?

Anyway, the good is we still can see couples together until they are old with lots of kid and grandchild. Happy life with their love one, …how and why they can be so? Not that all lovers hope to be so? Yes, there’s ways.

Dhamma Talk - The Love Story

The Love … the Game … the reason … the root … the nature law.

Before we start the discussion, let’s talk about the basic “Like”. What is like? It can be like blue color, like fashion, like cat dog, like… many things. And why you like beautiful sexy girls, why you like handsome musclemen?

1. The body: this is science, each will like the opposite sex, you can know more from your school science book, I believe. This is why Chinese Emperor time, they have guy work in the palace call “Tai Jian (太监)”, these guys must cut their the important part… detail Google it or ask your teacher…Anyway, this is how Chinese Emperor time to reduce the problem on guy like girl happen in the palace.

2.  The behavior: your friends, environment, and daily life causing you like something. Football, Car, Girl, Guy…movie, drama which easily cause you like the particular types of face.

3. The Fate: special feeling, just specially good to that person… do you know why? Yes there is a reason on behind. But for like, it’s just a small karma and will not turn into Love. Normally this is due to this person in previous life had help you for some small thing and this cause you fell good to that person.

Above Like is something confuse people thought they are fall in love with someone, but like is with very small or no karma on behind, this will not able convert into Love. Mean Like will NOT able you fall in love or to be lover or husband and wife.

Lets back to the Love Karma

1. Each 1st meet and fall in love, this mostly due to their previous life already being lover, and easily loves each other. But there is an opportunity on their previous life as parents, children, relative, brother, sister, best friend or to give back something.

Parents & children: when the father or mother get old and feel happy to have this good son or daughter, before the father or mother die, he/she think of if next life “we” can be together again this will be great. This “we” is mean the “father or mother” and “son or daughter” and when the karma mature both will come with opposite sex body and fall in love.

Give back something: this is more on if he/she owns a person so much, example if a day a girl is too hungry till almost die, and a person (girl or guy) give food for her and save her life, she think if there is a chance I will give back. After the karma mature… fall in love. But this one mostly (not all ya) you can see one of them, husband or wife will do like cow for another one.

2. Taking sometime or longer time plus activities happen, and fall in love

This type mostly their previous life are friends, and come to this life one of them just fell good to another person. Due to previous life their karma is not that big/strong. Then the person will need take some time to chase another person until the bigger karma mature, only then they can be together. The bigger karma is like… let say this life we are friend, some time you help me some time I will help you, and one special time I help you something big, let say you urgently need money (may be few thousands) for family medical fee, and as friend I help you. So when this bigger karma mature, as appreciate, another party will start to accept and fall in love.

3. Love the person, but the person did not love you

This type…their previous life is a couple, but due to some incident and break up. One of them hate it heavily and causing this karma. So when new life they meet, he/she love the person, but another person will never like him/her or even hate him/her.

4. Both Love each other, but never have a chance to be couple

This type…their previous life is a couple, but due to some incident and break up. Both may hate each other, but with childish reason (for my opinion) they will not able accept each other, but … but they still love each other. So come to this life, they always happen to timing problem.

5. And the one never find or have a lover

For this one, it’s mostly happens that this person previous life was from heaven, and when come to human world, most of his friends or relative either still in heaven or non-human world. So this has cause the person not able find his/her love one. *A day in heaven almost equal to 100years in human world.

After talk Love, let analysis why couple will break up.

At the time fall in love, each of them (the couples) patient, tolerant and will accept everything … that moment it is so sweet and happy.

After sometime, happen to quarrel … unhappy … why he / she not understand me … why always like that … many negative thinking going on …

When broke up, reason normally is he/she just don understand me …

Why this will happen? Shouldn’t fall in love is previous life karma and why still it’s able to break up? Why?

Is you carefully notice on Karma, Karma is just an energy, just like a battery. Once the battery energy is finish, it will not start up electric product – torchlight no longer able to lightning.

If the previous life Love Karma is not strong, once the energy is nearly end, you will found that quarrel, disagree, sad and negative thinking are keep increasing. And most of the time, their argument is not make sense, all non important things can easily make both of them unhappy entire day or even longer.

How you can better charging the energy? Better Love Relationship.

Well, this is easy. Let’s take teambuilding as an example. By having games for teambuilding, this will help improve the understanding among the team members and build a better relationship. This is same for Lover, but having activity together, the energy charging is low as for natural law, because the nature encourages people to do Good Things. This mean if the Lover both can at the same time doing charity, this will help the energy charging higher or more powerful.

Easy way for high charging, …wow what is it?
I believe people like to donate money, especially some of the donation able to claim for income tax. Yes, if the couples are write both of their names on the receipt, this will help on high charging for the love energy. Example: Andy and Ching donate RM100 for building Buddhist Mediation Center. This donation will help Andy and Ching relationship better for longer time. Of cause, it is best if both doing it together, if only one party do it which is also fine. But…

Some time, I notice people doing donation and write his/her lover name in the receipt together. And this will not only develop better relationship, but since another one do not know it, or do not involve in it, he or she who not involve will better respect to the person who make the donation. This mean the person who make the donation by writing both names in the receipt will able make the another person more loving him/her and always obey to him/her.

The Negative Part of This…

We know that Karma is an energy and there are many kinds of energy. Once we use it for develop relationship, the balance energy on the donation use in future or next life for wealthy energy/karma become lesser. Normally the balance is less than 20%.

If both of you are not couples or lovers, please do not do above method… because nothing will happen even you do it (wahaha)
Yes, nothing will happen, as I said Natural Law is encourage people to do Good Things, since by doing so will not hurt people which mean you will not get punish or bad karma, but due to your thinking is in evil, the donation shall give you wealth karma and now you get Nothing! You just waste your money!

Something Extra

When talking about love, sometime, we did see some of the couples, one who get torched by another. Either he or she, cry almost everyday…but still loving his/her partner. I believe after reading above, you can easily know this happen is due to previous life, the one own his/her partner so much. Normally (not all ya) this is due to previous life they are couple, but the love energy is weak, and he/she got 3rd person involve and cause the love break up. One in hate and another one feel sorry, but both still Strongly love each other. So in this life, this kind of thing happens. Anyway, by using above method on writing name in receipt will help reduce suffer.



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