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The Karma to Have Baby

March 16th, 2014

The Karma to Have Baby
or The Karma for Parents and Children

In current world there are still many couples who have married for many years, but they still don’t have child  even both of them are healthy… and why?

The root reason is the karma of hate, the reason is one of your past life may cause somebody not to have child or you stolen somebody child or any possible to make others losing their child. By doing this, mostly you will go to hell. As mention before, karma is just like tie a ball with rope and hangs it on trunk, then hit the ball and the ball will swing; from starting it will swing very fast and high. After that, it will keep continue swing until slowly stop at center. Karma is just same as this, when it matured you will be deep suffer, may be go to hell, and slowly you get less suffer, may be sick. By not having baby is mean the karma almost end which causing you unhappy for not having what you want.

To speed up for ending this small bad karma, you need let go animal or doing some charity by helping others happy.

As the karma almost end, the last karma you need to suffer is not get what you want, you will unhappy for not have baby. In this case, let go animal or giving gift to the kids in orphanage or helping the senior in nursing home are able let others feeling happy. After doing those good activities, now transfer this happiness merit to others and say “may others feeling the same happiness as what I feel and do helping me to have a baby”. This will help your bad karma end faster, of course, some time you will need do more these kind of good activities.

Karma to Have Baby

To have a baby, you may follow the science process but as Lord Buddha mentioned, the last thing to have a baby is to have an all being who willing to be your kid. For all being, most of them will need to have a body and a mind then only can be alive.

To search for an all being to be your kids, the easy way is to go to temple and pray. Most temples do have the God taking care the temple and may help their disciples if they can. They have many networks for the friends in heaven. You can pray and make your wish there to have a baby (just slow voice or wish in heart will do, they are god, they can hear you). After they know your wish, they will check your background to see how good you are and will introduce to the friends in heaven. Gods/residents in heaven will able know when they will die, and before they die, most of them can wish to born at the family they want.

Once God in the temple introduce to his friends, they may check your background, and if you are a person who always do donation and know how to transfer merits, they will more likely to born as your children. Because in this human world, it’s very hard to find people  who know doing donation and transfer merits which will help plant for good future.

Lastly, just continue above 2 steps you will be very soon getting your 1st baby.

In Penang Burmese temple at Pulau Tikus, there is a special building or name as Pagoda, one of the floor is full of Guan Ying Bodhisattva who hold baby and dragons fetching baby and kids. This floor is special design for those who wish to have baby and… the God is there. Before go to that floor, please do go at top floor and pay respect to the Buddha.

I just learn one extra knowledge from Bhante Suvanno with his Dhamma Talk, one of the way in Buddha time, couple may practice 8 sila to have baby. For detail you may visit . You can practise in Buddhist temple or in your house for one day, two day, one week which depends on your ability.



You Name It, I Have It!