rentokilENGAGING Five-Star pest control services from a renowned British multinational company need not come with a five-star price tag anymore with Rentokil’s all new TE Plan. What doew TE stand for? At Rentokil, it stands for Totally Effective, Terrifically Efficient, Termite Elimination (TE) Plan. They show you how their brand new no-frills, affordable plan is designed to eradicate a termite colony effectively. They have since successfully eliminated termite infestation in over 20,000 homes!

The Silent War

Somewhere in your house lurks an enemy. It is silent, deadly and forages on relentlessly. You cannot see it until it has possessed your house completely. Some come over from your neighbours’ yard, some come from the roof and some eat their way up from under your house. If you think it sounds scary, then you haven’t heard of the potential threat they bring to your loved ones.

Termites feed on cellulose found in wood in our homes. Your home could potentially be destroyed by wood damage, furniture destruction and even structural failure. What gives them away are pencil sized mud trackes, made from the earth surrounding your house. This can show you the targeted choice of wood digested by them.

The TE Plan for the Siege

Make no mistake that a successful war starts with good battle plan. That is the reason why termite control should be a war waged by experienced and highly skilled technicians. Rentokil’s TE Plan has over time proven to be the most effective system.

The new TE Plan was formulated for peace of mind and safety. This service is offered what you need. No hidden charges. No hidden agendas. Hence, the TE Plan is also totally economical and wallet-friendly.

The Battlefield

Terraced or linked house owners (intermediate units only) will heave a huge sigh of relief with the TE Plan. The close proximity between the houses and tehir surrounding gardens makes infiltration of termites easy. Remember, you may run a tight ship but your neighbors may not know of your battle plan. Hence, owners would benefit by using the TE Plan before leasing or selling off the property to keep maintain your peace of mind and your property price high.

Victory Is Yours!

The battle on termites is one you want to win. With the TE Plan, you get the extra spoils of war. It includes:

  • No-frills plan
  • Three-months monitoring (fortnightly visits by service technician)
  • One-year warranty (if termite colony is not eliminated or if there is re-infestation within warranty period)
  • Tested and trusted baiting system

The Call-to-arms!

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