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The Amazing Benefits of Nn Wholefood Nutrition

July 11th, 2012
  • Enjoy boundless increased energy throughout the day!
  • Sleep soundly without tossing and turning!
  • Have healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin!
  • Maintain fresher, sweeter-smelling breath!
  • Help lose extra pounds and keep them off!
  • Help reduce cravings for unhealthy foods!
  • Stay healthy even when others are getting sick!
  • Walk, move, and exercise more comfortably!
  • Build up your strength and your stamina!
  • Think more clearly and improve your concentration!
  • Remember even the little things better!
  • Keep a positive mental attitude in any situation!

Complete, balanced nutrition lust the way nature intended!


A wholesome raw meal combining the goodness of more than 50 plant ingredients!

Did you know that raw foods have high nutritional value? They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and a wide variety of other important nutrients. That’s what you get when you use Wholefood Nutrition.

Wholefood NutritionWholefood Nutrition is a supreme blend of raw, living foods’ In every single packet, you get optimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, mushrooms and sea plants. It’s the quick and easy raw food solution for any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner’

Nature intended you to be happy and healthy. Each and every individual has the capacity for self-healing. This ability is tapped most readily when you eat raw foods that support your overall health.

Britain’s Institute of Food Research firmly believes it. ln 2002, they conducted a study of nutrigenomics, a new field that explores how food consumption affects our genetic predisposition for health and wellness.

“Evidence that diet is a key environmental factor…is overwhelming,” stated the Institute’s report. “The foods we eat contain thousands of biologically active substances, many of which may have the potential provide substantial health benefits.”

Boost immunity, circulation and energy!

Can raw foods help support health and wellness? Over the past decade, researchers have examined this issue closely and confirmed the distinctive benefits.

In 2001, a randomised controlled clinical study of powdered raw foods was performed by Jang et al and the results were encouraging. By the end of the study, subjects had received significant improvements in immunity, circulation, and energy level.

Other recent studies on raw foods have shown positive results for detoxification, digestion, weight control as well.

Wholefood Nutrition – Makes an excellent energy-boosting breakfast or a healthy meal replacement!

Eating raw foods provides the life force for vibrant health and longevity. Raw foods contain thousands of known phytochemicals and many more that are unknown. The key to remarkable health and vitality is the natural balanced combination of these phytochemicals.

Wholefood Nutrition was developed with this unique synergy in mind. With Wholefood Nutrition, you get over 50 raw foods in as close to their natural and living state as possible.

Due to superior and advanced processing, the raw foods in this powdered formula are delivered at peak potency, maintaining closest to the natural state of total nutrients and phytochemicals present, even the delicate and fragile enzymes.

That means whenever you open a Wholefood Nutrition packet, you are getting the freshest, most natural, most bio-available “living” food possible. The raw food nutrients ire available to be absorbed and utilised immediately by your body.

Goodbye to free radicals!

Raw foods, filled with living nutrition, are highly touted for their antioxidants – and their ability to fight harmful free radicals has long been known.

Research was performed at Yonsei University where animal subjects were given a diet consisting solely of powdered raw foods. The results concluded that antioxidant activity was amplified in the subjects compared to subjects fed with cooked food.

Now, you can get these raw food benefits for yourself. All you need is Wholefood Nutrition packets!

Get the RAW LIVING FOODS YouNeed, Quickly and Easily!

Wholefood Nutrition – Delicious natural banana flavour!

  • No artificial colouring
  • No artificial flavouring
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Low glycemic index
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives

With Wholefood yourself and your loved ones’ Nutrition, you can feel good that you’re getting the raw nutrition you need – each and every day – Wholefood Nutrition gives you the unmatched power of:

Optimum nutrition! Wholefood Nutrition is the perfect source for essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, protein, carbohydrates, enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients. All of them work together to profound and positive effects for health and longevity.

Maximum freshness! Wholefood Nutrition is created through a low temperature’ low pressure freeze-drying technique. This locks the nutrition in and keeps the foods as close to natural as possible. And once its vacuum-sealed in its low moisture pouch’ it stays that way!

Minimum prep time! Whole food Nutrition is fast, easy and convenient. You won’t have to lug produce from the grocery store. You won’t have to spend hours preparing raw meals. You just open a packet and stir it into water or juice. Presto – you’ve got a meal!

Imagine having new found health and vitality, courtesy of Mother Nature. Imagine feeling strong and energetic again, bursting with enthusiasm ‘You can, you know. You really are what you eat!

So why not get your supply of Wholefood Nutrition today?



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You Name It, I Have It!