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The Dhamma Talk

This page will be document all the Buddhist information and Karma guide.

  1. Four Progressive Stages For Buddhism
  2. Why You Still in Bad Luck (The Nature Law)
  3. Drinking Salty Water For Life
  4. The Love Story / Husband & Wife Karma
  5. The Karma Of Let Go / Freedom For Animal
  6. The Real Good Luck
  7. Wishes Come True / Double UP Your Good Luck
  8. Born Smart Born Talent
  9. Can Not SLEEP
  10. The Safe Life Karma
  11. The Lotus Candle / The Karma For Getting  Honored Person (贵人) Help You All Time
  12. The Karma to Have Baby

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  1. SANG KHENG SI TEMPLE request donation for land
  2. Mettananda Vihara looking donation for Sukhakari Dhamma Hall 2013 project


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