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Tackling joint issues with egg membrane

January 11th, 2016

THE severity of joint pain sometimes leaves many sufferers no option but to pop a couple of painkillers a day. In quite a few cases, it has become a necessity in order for sufferers to be able to have a normal life. With dependency on painkillers a primary concern, savvy patients are opting for healthy, natural alternatives that are able to treat their joint problems instead of blocking the pain.

A popular remedy for joint pains appears to be egg membrane, derived from eggshells which have shown to support joint health and flexibility. Through a sterile and eco-friendly extraction process which removes the membrane from the eggshells, it ensures nutrients are at its most effective.

join painBesides the transforming growth factor in egg membrane which plays a crucial role in tissue repair, cellular differentiation and immune function, it also includes:

  1. Collagen:

The egg membrane matrix nutrient recognised to support joint health

  1. Elastin:

Another major component of egg membrane which allows tissues in the body to retain its shape when pinched, stretched or contracted. It is the desmosine and isodesmosine that contribute to elastin’s rubbery properties and stimulate the body’s production of more.


Also an integral part of joint cartilage and other connective tissues. They are the building blocks by which chondrocytes rebuild damaged cartilage.


A growing body of research substantiates nutrient-rich egg membrane as a strong component of joint and connective tissue health. A 2009 study shows that people who took 450mg of BiovaFlex egg membrane daily for six weeks had an 8.2% decrease in pain after seven days and a 16.42% decrease after two weeks. By the end of six weeks, subjects were reporting a 20% decrease in pain. Study participants also reported a 37.8% increase in knee flexibility.

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