Schneider ElectricEVERY artist knows that true beauty lies in the details. Great interior designers demand perfection even in the smallest of details.

Wall switches are home “ordinaries” located at eye level and touched every single day. Ugly switches become unavoidable eyesores, while beautiful switches explicitly enhance the overall interior design.

Take a close look at Schneider Electric switches and sockets. Every detail has been carefully thought through and tested by a skilled team of engineers and designers who understand your needs, desires and tastes. Colours, functions, feature and design all come together in a high-quality way that beautifies the home.


This exquisite blend of design and patented innovation is a modern statement of style, with its ultra-clean lines, sleekly chic square profile and instantly identifiable round dollies; Ulti blends two contrasting geometries to create a modern simplicity of unprecedented freshness.

The design also offers the maximum scope to showcase the synergy of color, material and finish in a standardized wall plate. Another brilliant touch is the LED locator rings that emit a pleasing glow to guide fingers to the switch in darkness.

Offering everything from mechanical switches, 2-wire TruRetrofit to sophisticated interoperable systems, Ulti is the haute couture of lighting control.


Based on art deco and tech-chic, Neo is a breakthrough in switch design. It demonstrates horizontal thinking, with unconventional horizontal dollies and layered details. Neo is the first mechanical switch to use LED locators and indicators.

Neo is a range with a comprehensive repertoire of choices – from mechanical switches to interoperable systems. Neo is a forward-thinking switch range for forward thinking people.


Inspired by the fully-flat design trend that has transformed everything from airplane seats to mobile phones, Zencelo mechanical switches are ideal for interior design concepts that call for switches to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Thanks to the patented “impress” (isomotion-press) mechanism, mechanical switches can now achieve the same full-flat form factor as electronic switches in a Slim profile. Instead of signalling the on/off status by the rocker position, the “Ondicator” is a clever device that reveals the operating status of a full-flat switch without increasing its cost or carbon footprint.


Boasting an uncluttered design with a distinctive jumbo dolly and an overall slim profile, Pieno has pushed the boundaries of switch design paradigm. Each dolly fills its space, reaching the edges like no other.

The maximized space of the integrated faceplate results in a clean and clutter-free design a design that fits any space. Bold straight lines accented by small curves bring sleekness to the muscular design. Pieno is yet another example of Schneider Electric’s design excellence.


Inspired by the influential Bauhaus movement, Vivace, masters of modern simplicity, produces a practical yet simple wall switch. With a slim and trim profile, the sleek clean lines and subtle curves manifest a simple, elegant minimalist design.

Every piece in this robustly constructed range sits perfectly within the context of any modern interior design. For details, contact Schneider Electric‘s customer care centre at 1800-880-877 or logon to