You Name It, I Have It!


Straits Kitchen

March 24th, 2012

Straits Kitchen will able you to take your lunch time blues away and keep your tummies happy until it is dinner time.

Why? Because this wonderful deal will allow you to choose one main dish from their menu and a free flow of vegetables (3 different types), two different types of rice and as many scoops your tummies can take, unlimited bowl of soup of the day you can swallow and a free flow of drink of the day too.

For the main dishes, you’ll get to choose from Fish Assam Pedas, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Claypot Oyster Chicken, Chicken Kapitan, Beef Rendang, Prawn Fritter in LP Sauce, Beef Strip and Vegetarian Lamb Masala (a vegetarian option) – that’s 8 tantalizing main dishes!

Straits Kitchen

All the food is served on a bain marie so feel free to scoop as much as you can eat. On the day we went for the review and photo shoot, they served plain steamed rice and rice pillaf. If you’re the health conscious type the healthiest, most natural option would be the white rice but if you like flavoured, fragrant rice, then the rice pillaf is for you.

The rice pillaf is mildly seasoned and the texture is a little bit drier than the white rice – some sort like fried rice but minus the oiliness. The white rice is nice and moist but not too moist, plump and a little fluffy.

We were served 4 main dishes (for photo taking purposes, you only get to choose one in this deal) which were the Fish Assam Pedas, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Claypot Oyster Chicken and Chicken Kapitan.

This Fish Assam Pedas was alright as the others tasted better. It’s not exactly spicy. If you’re not a fan of seafood and removing bones from fish, skip this one.

The Claypot Oyster Chicken is great if you like home cooked Chinese food because it tasted a lot like a home cooked dish. Not fancy, just very homey.

The Sweet and Sour Chicken was quite tasty. Instead of using chicken cuts, the chicken in this dish was the minced type, seasoned and nicely browned on the outside before being drenched with the sweet and sour sauce. This is great as you don’t have to worry about bones. The sauce was on the sweeter side.

The Chicken Kapitan is great for those who enjoys eating flavoursome gravy but can’t take too much spice. The Chicken Kapitan was beautifully cooked, chicken was nice and tender. The sauce was mildly spiced but very fragrant. The taste of lemongrass was wonderful. So, definitely recommended. The portion for this a on the smaller side though. So, if you’re kind of a big eater, this will not be enough for you, after all, it is quite tasty.

The soup of the day was herbal soup, Chinese style. It had all the ‘yuk chai’, red dates and goji berries. One of our colleagues tasted the French onion soup served the previous day and hinted that the French onion soup tasted better. It’s not that the herbal soup was bad, it’s just less flavour some compared to the French onion soup. So, it really depends on your luck what soup you get. But if soup isn’t an important element of your meal, it probably wouldn’t matter since there’s so much other food you can devour there.

The vegetables of the day were Acar Nyonya which was really yummy, Pak Choy in Oyster Sauce which is another rather homey dish, and stir fried celery. We enjoyed the tanginess of the Acar Nyonya and the generous amount of pineapple they had in there along with carrots, aubergine (aka eggplant or brinjal), French beans and cucumber. It was slightly spicy so it’s generally safe for those with sensitive taste buds.

The Pak Choy was blanched beautifully, not overcooked and mushy in anyway and topped with garlic oil and oyster sauce. The greens were nice and fresh as shown in the picture. We appreciate in the nice crunch it gives when biting into it.

Celery has an acquired taste and therefore, not everybody appreciates how celery taste like, so I would say this may not suit everybody’s taste buds but for those who enjoy celery, this dish is quite good. The celery was thinly sliced, nice and crisp and stir fried with mixed mushrooms, peppers and baby corn. Please be aware that the choice of vegetables changes daily but there will be 2 – 3 types for you to choose from daily.

As for the drinks, which also changes daily, we were served a strawberry lime drink. It’s not red and loaded with scary colouring or flavouring so it was all sweet and sugary. The slightly sweet and you’ll be able to taste the mild touches of strawberry and limes flavours.

Straits Kitchen has their usual lunch crowd that come in waves depending on what time the office workers come out for lunch. So, please call a day ahead to reserve a place because Straits Kitchen would very much like to prepare enough food to keep all your tummies happy.

Straits Kitchen
79 & 81, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Georgetown, Penang. TEL: 04-2610511



You Name It, I Have It!