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Start off with the right Nutrition

December 25th, 2010

Children’s nutritional needs vary according to their stages of development. Many developmental processes – including the eye, mind, physical growth and learning – that may be affected by nutritional intake, occur in children and their bodily systems between the ages of one and seven years.

The Biofactors System, is a comprehensive system designed to provide the right nutrition for the right age. It provides a unique combination of nutrients that is important for the overall growth and development of a child.

During the first two years of childhood, a child’s brain undergoes a period of rapid growth termed the “brain growth spurt.” It is during this crucial period that healthy eating habits and a balanced diet are necessary in order for your child to achieve their growth and learning developmental milestones.

The growth rates for ages one to three and seven to 10 years are more rapid, thus necessitating greater energy needs. However, it is vital to realise that more is not necessarily better. No nutrient on its own can deliver on the promise of superior mental and physical development. It takes the right combination of nutrients, all delivered in the right proportions, to support eye, mind, growth, development and learning.

Wyeth nutritionAn appropriate level of AA & DHA is important for optimal benefits to support mind and overall development.

The Biofactors System has the appropriate ratio of AA & DHA which uses single cell organism (SCO) source. This source of AA & DHA are more consistent, pure and safe than sources such as fish oil. Sources of AA & DHA from fish oil may also impart strong odour to the formula.

A child’s learning phase is also shaped through his experience, and it is here that vision plays a very important role. Lutein, found in the Biofactors System is able to filter blue light and may protect your child’s eyes.

Wyeth is the pioneer in introducing lutein in its growing-up milk formula for children. Lutein in the Biofactors System is naturally extracted from marigold flowers. Balanced nutrition will also create the platform to support learning milestones, a strong body and mind, fine motor skills, self-control and attention span.

All of these skills are absolutely essential to preparing your child for the challenges through their journey of life, which is enhanced by holistic eye, mind, growth, development and learning.

So help your child “be Life Ready” with Biofactors System. Available exclusively in Wyeth’s growing-up mil formula, S-26 Progress Gold and S-26 Promise Gold by Pfizer Nutrition. For more detail visit



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