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Squeaky clean

April 30th, 2012

SPRING cleaning before the any festival celebration has been an important tradition for everyone. It is believed that the act of cleaning will get rid of bad luck. Thus, it is important to keep the house clean at all times to attract good luck.

Popular in America, Europe and Japan for more than eight years, local pioneer status company Corvan Technology has upgraded the best-selling picaBot and customised it for the local environment and living condition.

Avid user Joseph Chong says his three-year-old picaBot collects heaps of fine dust, hair and lint so well that it leaves the tiles squeaky clean in just one pass.

“I bought my picaBot mre than three years ago and amazingly, it still cleans like new and obviously cleaner than manual methods,” he said.

‘”Besides buying a few units as gifts for my corporate clients, more than 10 of my friends and relatives have bought it as well after seeing how well my picaBot worked.” Corvan general manager Kelvin Lee said, “More than 70% of our sales came through user recommendations.

There is no secret to picaBot being consistently one of the top selling robots here. We focus on practicality, user friendliness, reliability, good after-sales service and affordability.”

Its flawless combination of strongest-in-class cyclonic vacuum (5.4m/s air speed) with low speed rotating brush ensures that fine dust, lint, hair and pets fur get collected into the bag less dust bin. PicaBot comes with a proprietary nano tech photo catalytic IJV disinfection system. This dualaction disinfecting system is scientifically proven to effectively eliminate germs, viruses and dust mites on the floor.

You can leave the intelligent robot to work alone at home while you are out at work. With a simple one-touch command, it moves around automatically, covering up to 2,000sq ft of various floor types in one full charge.

Super slim at merely 9cm in height, it cleans under beds, sofas and cabinets. Upon completion of its cleaning job or when the battery level is low, picaBot will go back to the charging base to recharge automatically. Adding to the festive joy, the latest picaBot eVo2M is up for grabs for a special price of RM1,588 (normal price RM1,888)while stocks last. For details and a live demonstration, contact 03-7728 8166/016 317 6919, or visit any sales and service outlets listed at



You Name It, I Have It!