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Soybean Goodness

December 18th, 2010

The use of soybean as daily food and traditional medicine dates back to ancient times in China, Korea and Japan.

Soybean is an alternative source of complete protein for our body. The protein quality derived from soybean is as good as those from meat.  Just one cup of soybean provides 57.2% of Daily Value (DV) for protein coupled with 300 calories (male calories need per day 2,500; female calories need per day 2,000). Moreover, soy protein has a lowering effect on cholesterol levels while animal protein tends to raise them.

SoybeanSoybean also contains the isoflavones genistein and daidzein, types of phytoestrogen that are considered by some deititians and physicians to be useful in the prevention of prostate cancer. it has invaluable anti-oxidants.

Isoflavones daidzein in soybean may inhibit the breakdown of bones. its effect is actually very similar to the drug ipriflavone, which is used throughout Europe and Aisa to treat osteoporosis.

The finding is corroborated by another report by Archives of Internal Medicine, September 2005, that the intake of soy food is associated with a lower risk of fractures among early post-meno-pausal women.

According to anotherstudy, active compounds found in soy, especially genistein, may help us stay lean; there will be fewer and smaller fat cells. Study from laboratory animals revealed that genistein help decrease fat production ranging from 37% to 57%.

In a society like Japan where soy foods are consumed in abundance, only one third of women report menopausal symptoms. As shown in some recent studies, soy helps alleviate women from menopausal symptoms.

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You Name It, I Have It!