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Sliz Hair And Beauty Care Studio

March 23rd, 2012

It is time for you to change up your hair color and bring back shine into your dull shaded tresses at a fabulous price. Now you can get Wellsen Professional Hair Care shampoo and conditioner and blown dry to absolute perfection at Sliz Hair & Beauty Care Studio.

NUMBER THREE hair dye is known for being low in certain chemicals that are strongly used in other salon hair colours. Their formulation enables strong, vibrant colours to adhere to dark Asian hair without using direct dyes except a few necessary shades. NUMBER THREE fashion shades and C-Line shades are all formulated without dull brown pigments so you’ll get clear colour tones. Your hair will also less likely be dehydrated too as the base formula is L-LC (Lipidure Liquid Crystal). It is a cationic base can enhance the colour penetration within the hair without losing essential moisture within the hair. So, you’ll save money on those deep hydration treatments but still have luscious hair.

Sliz Hair & Beauty Care Studio is situated at Lebuh Melaka. They have a couple of parking lots right up front of their building so you generally don’t have to worry much about car park. The street isn’t a very busy one so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a parking lot nearby. Sliz takes up the ground floor lot of an office building with bluish tinted reflective windows, rather easy to spot.

Sliz Hair & Beauty Care Studio

This place is nowhere near shabby

The interior clean, simple painted in neutral shades of grey and black and red accents here and there. Floral arrangements are placed on every dresser. Once you take your seat on the plush, rather luxurious swivel chair with high armrests, you’ll be served a warm drink of h-two-O to keep you hydrated.

The stylists will usher you to the hair wash area to get rid of the oils and dirt from your hair so that the dye will adhere properly to your hair. The hair wash area is quite small with two washing chairs. Let this be said first, my hair was done by the creative stylists, two of them and I think they did their jobs well.

Anyway back to the hair washing. My hair was washed and scalp gently massaged with Wellsen hair shampoo before blown dry by two hair stylist at time. When it was completely dry, the dyeing process began.

The NUMBER THREE dye was weighed using a scale so that the exact amounts in the mix. The scale thing happens to be a mixer, so the dyes will be mixed thorough to ensure no patchy, weird colored dye.

They were going to dye straight hair, last cut 6 months ago and dyed with box dye 5 months ago. Ears are covered with a plastic cover to avoid getting color on my ears.

The weird UFO looking thing emits heat. Apparently it helps the dyeing process.

Because the hair dye has fewer chemicals in it, the pungent smell of ammonia isn’t as strong as other hair dyes. After 4 layers of dye into my tresses and more than 2 hours in the chair the dye was washed out.

And again. My hair had dual color tonnes so they had to leave the dye in longer.

Hair will be cleansed with another round of Wellsen shampoo and rehydrated with conditioner before being blown dry for that beautifully straight that looks really natural. The hair color turned out brighter than expected (chose Fairy Pink) but not some over the top shade, though. Thank goodness. A tip, try going at low peak times, before 6pm would be best as most of the usual customers flood in after work.

Sliz Hair & Beauty Care Studio
65, Lebuh Melaka, 10400 Penang.
TEL: 04-2260776 OR visit their Facebook:



You Name It, I Have It!