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Singpol Slimming

January 17th, 2012

Singpol Slimming (M) Sdn Bhd

Dislike those extra body fats? Be short of of exercise? All the time wanted to buy exercise machines but don’t want to waste much on them? Those excuses are always continual. And now, you can have a small and compact Electronic Body Trimmer. This electronic body trimmer is excellent for:

  • Developing the muscle in your waist and legs
  • Slim and tone the thighs and Hips
  • An ideal accessory to help you keep fit and be in shape!

Electronic Body Trimmer – In a round and handy shape that you could just trim off those unwanted fats or just to tone and shape it up! Spin side to side, and have fun while training!

This electronic body trimmer comes with a music feature, so it keeps you up with good music while twisting and training! Besides, it has other features like:

  • Calorie Burn Counter
  • KM Counter
  • Clock Alarm
  • Acupuncture Feet Massager
  • Magnetic Theraphy

All these features are bulit – in to ensure a thorough and comprehensive work – out with information provided especially on your body calories! This electronic body trimmer will sure to increase one’s stamina, tones the muscle in the upper and lower torso. A vigorous exercise to develop the legs, shoulder, and arms, simultaneously strenghtening the back massaging the feet during workout. Compact and portable, you can just bring it to anywhere and used it at any time of the day!

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You Name It, I Have It!