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Sebai-Sebai Thai Restaurant

January 6th, 2012

Sebai-Sebai Thai Resturant Sdn. Bhd

Thai delicacies which situated in a housing area nearby the Batu Lanchang market and facing a tiny park with a playground, sits this humble Thai restaurant that serves not only authentic Thai food but have been keeping it tasty for the last 7 years.

This no frills Thai restaurant has gain recognition from food bloggers and have been featured in the media. Patrons have claimed that this place serves one of the best Thai cuisines on this island of ours. And must we say they’re exquisite indeed. Expect to find certain things that you won’t find in generic Thai restaurants sprinkled all over the island. This restaurant is generally hidden and isn’t located nearby any major food hubs unless you count the Batu Lanchang market hawker centre as one.

With this deal of ours you get to choose 3 from the selected 5 dishes. Those selected dishes are either their bestsellers or one of the more exotic dishes on their menu. First up is the Green Curry Chicken. Green Curry Chicken is no stranger to Thai food fans. This Green Curry is safe for dainty taste buds as it doesn’t have that much of heat from chillies. The curry is thicker and richer from the generous use of coconut milk. It’s slight sweet and fragrant from the use of basil leaves. If you like rich, aromatic curries minus the unbearable heat, this should be your pick.

Next up are the soups. If you choose to have the soups, you actually get three choices which are the Seafood Tomyam Soup, the Seafood White Tomyam Soup and Kheng Som Super Spicy & Sour Soup. If your definition of Thai food means spicy sour soup then this should be one of your choices. The Seafood Tomyam Soups are filled with generous portion of seafood and will not disappoint when it comes to taste or the other ingredients. It’s packed full of flavour but may cause watery eyes and profuse sweating due to the spiciness. But then again what’s Thai food without some ka-pow of spiciness, eh? If you’re beyond that level of spiciness and sourness of the tomyam then go for the Kheng Som soup which is said to be spicier and sourer compared to the Tomyam Soup. It comes with huge prawns too.

Another choice available is the Seafood Otak Otak. This otak otak isn’t like the one you usually eat. This one is bigger and better. Stuffed with plenty of seafood such a crabmeat and other fresh seafood, this variant meets the standards of otak otak royalty. Fragrant and wrapped in banana leaf and foil, it is one of the popular and bestselling dishes of this restaurant.

If sambal is your must have sauce and beats other sauce flat when it come to taste, then this dish is a must try. Named Sambal Four Seasons, it’s a stir fry dish of four different vegetables stir fried in salty, fragrant and spicy sambal infused with belacan – ooh la la… The winged beans or four angled beans (aka kacang botol), okra, petai and sliced lily roots are stir fried in sambal to keep the crunch but nicely slathered in the fragrant sambal. If such veges are your go to thing, then take this as one of the 3 choices of dishes you can make.

Lastly, it’s the Fresh Prawn with Fish Sauce Kung Cher Nam Par and we must say, this is a very exotic and exquisite dish. Not many places serve this dish, let alone do it well. If you’re adventurous then this dish is a must try. It’s basically prawn sashimi as the prawns served are raw. And it tastes amazing! The prawns are very fresh and you can seriously taste the natural sweetness of the prawns. Also, they have this lovely crunch to eat. It’s served with chilli, lime and relish but don’t worry, this dish isn’t spicy and very safe for dainty taste buds that aren’t squirmy when it comes to tasting raw food.

Sebai-Sebai Thai Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
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