The perfect minimalist touch

Global energy management specialist Schneider Electric has launched yet another masterpiece – the Pieno series.

While upholding Schneider Electric’s unfailing commitment of undertaking a visionary approach, this contemporary series of switch panels maintains a coherent philosophy in its leading cutting edge international design.

Schneider Electric MalaysiaSchneider Electric Malaysia country president Peter Cave said, ”Schneider Electric’s terminal products are consistent with the group’s advanced concept in energy efficiency. It not only helps customers to effectively reduce energy consumption, but it also greatly enhances industry competitiveness, thereby improving users’ quality of life.

Since the introduction of switch panels into Malaysia back in 1982, Schneider Electric has been committed to building world-class high quality switch panels, lighting controls and smart home programmes as well as solutions. To date, the group has received numerous international awards.

The contemporary Pieno series of switch panels is the perfect combination of design and function. Side-by-side click buttons on an angled body made of thin plate create a sleek finish and slim contour with a smooth and seamless design, giving your home the perfect minimalist touch.

With the application of exclusive SS mechanical device technology and a slim rocket power switch that challenges the ultimate switch-opening angle, a perfect 3° dip angle is presented. The overall design , maintains its usual chic and slim look despite the apparent large click button.

With “Sure Click”, a unique design for its actuator, shocks that are produced when a switch is opened and closed will be effectively absorbed, contributing to a near-zero closed jitter circuit.

In terms of performance, the product is reliable and durable, yet aesthetically impressive.

Through the innovative and patented PerfectFace Switch Architecture, a perfect integration between panel and frame is made possible for easy installation.

This is a breakthrough solution to the problem of uneven space after installation of traditional multi-gang switches and makes the product more aesthetically attractive on the wall. The elegant white fluorescent indicator light enhances the look.

Pieno is brought to the market by the Installation System and Control Division of Schneider Electric (IS&C).

Schneider electric is committed to helping the finest architects around the world achieve more with less. It is dedicated to building world class and high-quality switch panels and lighting control solutions for residential housing, hotels, commercial buildings and public infrastructure.

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