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Red Yeast Rice X-Strength

August 25th, 2012

Red Yeast Rice – Safe & Effective Strategy to High Cholesterol & Triglycerides Issue

Red Yeast Rice Decrease Cholesterol & Triglycerides By natural means…
Minus the common Side Effects of Cholesterol-Lowering Medicines!

If you have high cholesterol and also Triglycerides, your system is the ticking period bomb. You have a deadly heart assault or heart stroke anytime. Even if you do endure, you could possibly be incapacitated and become a problem to people around people.

While statin drugs can be effective regarding reducing cholesterol, skin a sponsor of serious uncomfortable side effects as exhibited in above 900 specialized medical studies! In particular, muscle aches and pains and weak spot, dizziness, queasieness, hair damage, memory damage, sleep disturbances, poor sexual interest and erotic dysfunction, and many others.

With RYR, you will get the exact same cholesterol-lowering rewards as statin drugs with no nasty uncomfortable side effects. It’s less of a challenge on the stomach, yourself physically, your liver organ, your curly hair, your intercourse life, whilst your entire system.

Red Yeast Rice coswayTargets The true Source Of the Cholesterol Issues!

Did you recognize that the majority of cholesterol in your body doesn’t originate from your eating plan? The truth is a whopping 80% involving cholesterol is created by the liver. So even though you cut returning on meats and fat foods, or switch to your vegetarian eating plan, you still might not exactly improve the cholesterol amounts.

That’s exactly where RYR will come in! This powerful supplement grinds cholesterol production from the liver to your halt, right with the source. This can lessen your cholesterol numbers in a really shod time frame.

Take a study performed in China, one example is. Patients together with high cholesterol were given RYR every single day for 2 months. By the conclusion of the study, their full cholesterol had been lowered by an average of 23%, his or her LDL (bad) cholesterol had been reduced through 31%, his or her triglycerides have been lowered through 34o/o, and also their HDL (good) cholesterol had been elevated through 20%!

In yet another study published from the Annals involving Internal Drugs, a gang of patients together with super-high LDL (bad) cholesterol were required to stop his or her statin drugs due to awful uncomfortable side effects. They were given RYR as an alternative and his or her cholesterol dropped an average of 43 points within 12 weeks – without the side effects at all!

Why is actually RYR therefore potent regarding cholesterol and also Triglycerides? The response is safe variety of monacolin K, a naturally-occurring chemical substance that act similarly to the statin drug Lovastatin. But you’d only demand a very moment dose involving monacolin K as their cholesterol-lowering outcomes is additional bolstered through other natural cholesterol-reducing ingredients in RYR, including plant sterols (beta sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol and also sapogenin), monounsaturated fat, antioxidants and also isoflavones.

The results? You receive the same advantageous effects as statin drugs with no dangerous uncomfortable side effects. That’s the trick of all-natural RYR!

Safety & Efficiency backed by over the century involving traditional utilize!

This curing food is made of rice fermented with a red yeast known as Monascus purpureus. Dating back to the actual Tang Dynasty in Cina, circa 800 AD, Red Abolish Rice is actually revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine [CM) to its positive outcomes for improving circulation and also relieving digestive : problems. RYR can also be used being a spice, and also a flavoring and also coloring real estate agent for the two meat and also fish. Most recently, it may be touted to its amazing chance to normalize cholesterol amounts!

Even More Many benefits of RYR!

Not merely does this kind of life-saving supplement reduce your cholesterol & Triglycerides correctly and by natural means, it likewise contains various other components in which benefit people in alternative methods:

  • Regulate our blood pressure
  • Lower blood glucose level through increasing insulin level of responsiveness
  • Reduce fat liver and also protect liver organ health
  • Boost body detox – decreases fat-soluble poisons
  • Strengthen your bones and ward off osteoporosis – ergosterol in RYR assist absorption involving Calcium and also Phosphorus


You Name It, I Have It!