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Recommended ways to buy Split Queen Box Springs

October 8th, 2015

Benefits of a split queen box spring mattress

Do you move around your mattress a lot and find it hard to pass through narrow stairways and entrances? Do such situations make you wish the mattress size was smaller? Much that we wish that, most of us are not ready to compromise on the mattress size. We love the room that a queen size mattress provides and are not ready to give it up for a smaller one. A split queen box spring mattress is the perfect invention for such situations.

A split queen box spring mattress is actually divided into two half mattresses with a hinge in between that allow them to fold over.  The size of the mattress remains the same when it is spread over the queen size bed. However, when it is lifted, the two pieces give it flexibility and the split queen box spring mattress can easily be moved.

How to fold your box spring to fit it through tight places

Split Queen Box Springs

Ways to get a split queen box spring

A split queen box spring combines a number of benefits including flexibility, space, longevity and support. This makes it desirable for people who care about their bed and their back and do not want to miss out on anything that can improve their nights. If you have a queen size bed with all the room it provides, a split box spring will go perfectly with it. It will add support to any mattress that you use and will also help in moving around because of the split feature. There are a number of ways to get a split queen box spring.

Among the different shops, these days, a person can purchase the mattress online as well. This can be a better idea for a person as many websites these days are selling various products with discount on in every market. With the Walmart Group, it is possible for a person to get good quality products available and in this context; a person can get Split Queen Box Springs Walmart also available there. These kinds of products are from good and reputed companies on which a person can rely upon and also they are having the pictures from different angles that may help a person in buying the product easily. Through this way of shopping, a person can avail some discount of great deals as well. However, trading thorough Walmart can go easier because this is having different branches in different parts of the world with which home delivery is possible.

There is one more website which can deliver optimistic kind of box springs that may attract to people. Split Queen Box spring Amazon is also into this business through which people are getting products easily available. Most of the customers are getting quality stuffs at an unbelievable rate so that people can use this box spring for long time. Apparently, they are the best replacements to mattress which can develop sagging after few times because of which they can add as a positive factor for the people while purchasing it. There are many more online hyper marts available that may serve a person with these box springs. For more info at

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