You Name It, I Have It!


QQ Snowmix

December 18th, 2011

QQ Snowmix

Are you sick of ice-cream and looking for something new, refreshing and just as delicious?

Why not try out the yummy Taiwanese Dessert.

With a bowl of ice at the bottom, covered by Q toppings on top,  get that sensational chill down your spine while you stimulate your taste buds at QQ Snowmix.

With our voucher, you’ll be able to enjoy 2 of QQ Snowmix signature series. The QQ Snowmix series includes:

  • Taro Jelly Ice Series
  • Grass Jelly Ice Series
  • Soya Ice Series
  • QQ Taro Series

Make your QQ Snowmix more exciting with these extra toppings:

For RM0.75 add:

Taro/Sweet Potato/QQ Taro/Green Tea Ball/Lotus Seed/Pearl/Grass Jelly/Lemon Jade Jelly/Sea Amber Jelly/Kidney Bean!

For RM0.50 add:

Red Bean/Green Bean/Black Glutinous Rice/Pearl/Barley/Peanuts!

Originating in Taiwan, these desserts have taken Asia by storm. With new stores popping up all over Asia, QQ Snowmix has finally decided to introduce us Malaysians to this awesome dessert.

With that cooling sensation mixed with your favorite toppings, who wouldn’t like it?

With its authentic taste QQ Snowmix is bringing Taiwanese desserts to your doorstep. So stop wasting your money to fly over to Taiwan and visit their store for a dessert which will refresh you mind, body and soul.

QQ Snowmix
No. 149, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling , Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-9058 8133



You Name It, I Have It!