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Pureen Fluoride Free Kids Toothpaste

November 2nd, 2012

Toothpaste that’s safe for children

DO you know that children below seven must not use toothpaste that contains fluoride due to they have a tendency to swallow the toothpaste?

Excessive ingestion of fluoride can damage the tooth-forming cells from the enamel, known as dental fluorosis. Teeth with dental fluorosis have visible discolouration ranging from white spots to brown or black stains.

Besides dental fluorosis, excessive fluoride ingestion can lower IQ and trigger damage towards kidneys and liver functionality in children, as reported by recent human studies in China.

Toothpaste that is safe for children

Fluoride has also been shown to result in vomiting, stomach cramps and nausea due to large doses of it combined with gastric juices tend to irritate each children’s and adult’s stomach and intestines.

Pureen Kids Toothpaste is safe for children. It doesn’t contain fluoride, sodium tally’ sulfate and saccharin. Sodium Laurie sulfate is often a detergent and foam booster observed in normal toothpaste. It can lead to mouth ulcers because it dries out the protective mucous lining within the mouth. Saccharin is an artificial sweetener synthesised from coal tar and has been discovered to result in bladder cancer in male rats.

Children frequently snack on sweets and foods containing carbohydrate. The bacteria will convert the starch or sugar that remains inside the mouth or plaque to acid that attacks tooth enamel. Repeated acid attacks result in tooth decay.

Pureen Kids Toothpaste contains 5% Xylitol, which helps prevent tooth decay. It also contains triple calcium and phosphate to remineralise tooth enamel for stronger teeth and 2.1% sarcosinate to fight bad breath.

Every parent wants to offer probably the most for their child. Pureen Fluoride Free Kids Toothpaste is approved by the Malaysian Personal Dental Practitioners’ Association and certified halal. It’s safe for children} aged 1 year and above.

Pureen Fluoride Free Kids Toothpaste comes in mint, strawberry and orange flavours. It’s available in 40gm and 75gm packaging. Look out for Pureen Fluoride Free Kids Toothpaste in leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores, medical halls and pharmacies. Visit for details.



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