THESE days, many children are wearing spectacles. According to Lighting Ergonomics, lighting flicker and insufficient brightness are one of the reasons.

What is lighting flicker?

It is repetitive fluctuation in light intensity or brightness exhibited by most fluorescent lamps in Malaysia due to the input of our alternating power supply.

With the Malaysian power system alternating at 50Hz or cycles per second, most fluorescent lamps will exhibit an intensity fluctuation at a frequency of 100 cycles per second.

Working under this lighting condition, eyes will automatically adapt to the split change in light by enlarging and constricting the pupils along with each flicker.

Prolonged exposure to these lighting flickers may cause eye fatigues resulting in short-sightedness or migraine. This is particularly true for children.

Khind-Mistral EyeCare Desk LampsWith Khind-Mistral’s latest collection of EyeCare Desk Lamps, children no longer experience lighting flicker.

By transforming these flickers to higher frequencies which goes beyond the perceptivity of the eyes, lighting flickers is now a thing of the past.

This new collection of EyeCare Desk Lamp emit flicker-free light. The lamps produce optimum brightness as well as low-glare, making reading and working under the lamp a comfortable experience.

Khind-Mistral also gives away two units of innovative flicker testers with every desk lamp – one in English, another in Chinese.

Just spin it under the lighting and you can check whether it is free from flickers.

It also provides a three-year warranty over this collection except its lamps. You will also enjoy free replacement of parts and free labour.

The lamp is available in two models and comes in Black, Pearl White, Champagne Gold and Light Pink.

Khind-Mistral (M) Sdn Bhd is the marketing arm of the public-listed Khind Holding Bhd, which has exported its products to more than 50 countries. A truly world brand from Malaysia.

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