Much-needed protection

IT IS important to protect mattresses and pillows against dust I mite or bed bug infestation, which is a major cause of asthma, allergies, eczema and others. Protect-A-Bed was produced with care to ensure that the materials used were safe and free of harmful substances like cadmium.

The product has been tested to be flame-resistant and can be used safely in all domestic environments. Protect-A-Bed is the world’s best selling mattress protector, selling in 30 countries and across five continents. It is the No 1 recognized brand in the United States. Protect-A Bed pioneered the new wave of thin, breathable and waterproof mattress protectors which have now revolutionized the mattress protection market.

Protect-A-BedProtect-A-Bed Benefits

- Allergy Relief Producers: There are millions of allergy sufferers all over the world, all of whom would benefit greatly from Protect-A-Bed allergy relief products. The state-of-the-art mattress and pillow protectors provide an impermeable barrier between you and the dust mites and allergens within your bedding. Protect-A-Bed allergy relief products ensure that nothing comes between you and an allergy- free, rejuvenating sleep.

- Incontinence Products: Millions of people are affected by incontinence and bedwetting, and the conditions do not discriminate against age or gender. Protect-A-Bed offers a full line of waterproof mattress covers that are especially useful for incontinence sufferers.

The mattress protectors are made of a super soft, ultra-thin, lightweight material that is waterproof, absorbent and easy to transport. The waterproof mattress covers feature Miracle Membrane durable polyurethane laminate, which provides ultimate protection for your mattress, yet is cool, comfortable and quiet to sleep on. Protect-A-Bed waterproof mattress covers are machining washable can be wet, sterilized and tumble dried.

Bed Bugs Protection: Bed bugs are a common problem very few people know much about; they may not even be aware the parasites exist. Though they are small and often go unseen, the presence of bed bugs and their effects on sleep, health and hygiene are obvious to those who have them.

Protect-A-Bed mattress encasement are scientifically proven to be an effective tool in the management of a bed bug infestation and are certified by an Entomology Laboratory to be bed bug entry-escape-and-bite proof.

The patented Buglock (US Patent 7,552,489); with Secure Seal feature, is a three-sided zipper system with micro-zipper teeth designed to prevent bed bugs from weaving their way through the closed zipper. The stitched safety trench is sealed around the end clasp of the zipper which is vulnerable due to its inability to fully close. The safety trench is designed with raised padding underneath the end stop, which creates an impassable seal. The seal prevents passage of bed bugs into and out of the encasement even if the zipper clasp pulls away from the end stop. For details on Protect-A-Bed check out