GOOD Health is highly desired and everyone knows that exercise is important, but how many of us really put in the effort to exercise on a daily basis?

It is a fact that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and workout today as it works the entire body. It is also beneficial to those who have joint problems and cannot take part in cardio exercises like walking and running.

Most swimming pools in homes today are too short to swim or not long enough to get into the swimming rhythm. Swim with just a few strokes and flip-turns on walls are not good enough to burn the calories.

Propulsion Pools Let You Exercising IN Your Own PoolTo fully utilizes your existing pool, whether it is a small, plunge or even a dip pool, Endless Pool Inc USA has what you need. Endless Pool created the Fastlane swimming machine back in 1988 to virtually transform any pool into an exercise pool or training pool. Your seemingly small pool can be and Endless Pool once the Fastlane swimming machined is installed.

The Fastlane creates water current in your pool that resembles a smooth flowing river, its turbulence stream is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, yet narrow enough to allow others to enjoy the pool while you swim. Whether you are training to be the next Olympic swimmer or simply swimming for the sheer joy of it, a Fastlane pool is perfect for any type of swimmer.

The heart of the Fastlane is a small but powerful underwater hydraulic motor that drives a 16inch propeller in a protective housing, it is powered by biodegradable vegetable-based hydraulic fluid that is carried through hydraulic hoses spanning from the power unit.There is no electrical connection to the pool, making it safe and environment-friendly. Fastlane is easy to operate. Just press the on/off button to enjoy currents that are available in 52 discrete programmable speeds. it also comes with a handy remote control.

If you are planning a new swimming pool at home, Fastlane’s signature product, Original Endless Pool, comes with a complete pool made in heavy gauge, vinyl liner inside the steel wall panels as well as a Water Quality System that eliminates commercial chlorine. This adjustable swim current machine is able to provide nonstop swimming, exercise, aquatic therapy, triathlon swim training as well as relaxation in the comfort of your home. For detail call Propulsion Pools Sdn Bhd at 03-79601828 or 012-3795160 or visit: