In most Asian homes, fine dust, lint, hair and pet fur are the most prevalent yet difficult to get rid of. That is why floor cleaning robots are fast becoming an essential household helper as they help lighten the burden from tedious and tiring household chores.

Popular in the United States, Europe and Japan for over seven years, picaBot was designed and made by Metapo Inc, in the United States and upgraded by local company Corvan Technology to specifically suit Asian living, conditions where people stay bare-foot indoors and children play, crawl and sit on the floors.

In a demonstration, a three-year-old picaBot is seen picking up heaps of fine dust, hair and lint so well that it leaves the tiles squeaky clean effortlessly in just one pass.

The secret lies within a flawless combination of low speed rotating brush with the strongest-in-class cyclonic vacuum (5.4m/s air speed). The low speed rotating brush ensures that fine dust does not fly like it does with manual sweeping.

Imagine two persons working in tandem with one sweeping dust carefully towards the vacuum inlet held by another person. This results in a super clean floor that literally results in a super clean floor that literally saves you your daily mopping chore.

PicaBot is also the first floor cleaning robot in the market that comes with nanotech photocatalytic UV disinfection system, a proprietary technological know-how of Corvan Technology. This dual-action disinfacting system is scientifically proven to be effective in eliminating germs, viruses and dust mites.

Super slim at merely 9cm in height, it cleans under beds, sofas and cabinets. You can practically leave the latest intelligent robot to work alone at home while you are at work.

With a simple one-touch command, it moves around automatically in various moving patterns covering up to 2000sq feet of various floor types in one full charge. Upon completion of its cleaning job or when battery level is low, picaBot will go back to the charging base to recharge automatically.

As an environmentally-friendly product, it costs less than 50sen per month of electricity charges to run a picaBot daily. It also complies with CE (a mandatory conformance mark on many products placed on the single market in the European Economic Area) as well as Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). PicaBot’s bagless dustbin is fully washable and reusable. Even the battery is similar to those used by some hybrid vehicles today!

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