Trendy or Traditional?

Pergo GoodrichPergo is the original laminate floor and has become one of the world’s best-known and trusted flooring brands. It is arguably the most durable laminate floor in the world, with its revolutionary flooring system developed in Sweden after years of research and stringent testing.

Pergo‘s 2011/2012 collection with the theme “A floor made for living” brings to you the world’s largest assortment of laminate floors, boasting a huge selection of 250 different decors to choose from. The selection includes decor inspired by wood, minerals and trends.

Pergo offers you the ease to create your own personalised space with a natural feel. Matching your unique sense of style with the perfect look has never been this easy.  With the existing Pergo patented TitanXTM Surface, Pergo laminate flooring offers the best multi-layer protective  floor finish on the market today. It offers the highest standards of wear protection, scratch resistance and impact resistance.

A laminate floor from Pergo offers you the perfect combination of beauty and extreme durability. With its exceptional qualities, the floor stands up to everything from daily wear to small accidents. Flooring that is not only beautiful when new, but stays beautiful year in and year out. Unquestionably the best fuss and worry-free floors you can own.

Pergo takes a step further and guarantees that the decorative laminate surface will not wear through; that the floor colour will not fade due to sunlight or electrical light; that the floor will not be stained by substances normally found in a domestic environment.

Beautiful natural look, shinny dark wooden style, gentle rustic character, light Scandinavian design, you desired style can be fulfilled with Pergo, now at Goodrich.

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