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Papaya Tea Good for Gout

March 31st, 2011

青木瓜泡茶 痛風不見了
Papaya Tea Good for Gout

這是真的有效果,用一般綠茶茶葉泡也可以,我 堂哥吃了有效,我也教有痛風的朋友喝(他腳趾關
節已變形),一週後就有很明顯的改善,兩週後就 正常了,事隔有近三年了,沒聽他說有痛過,不

This is a really effective, just mix green papaya cubes to the ordinary green tea, my cousin brother tried and found it very effective. I have also shared with a friend with gout to try this (his “toe joints” started to deform), after a week of drinking this formula there is significant improvement, after two weeks the toe joints heal and revert to normal state. It is almost three years now, the joint pain is gone, but he maintain the intake between 1-3 times monthly to avoid relapse.

Gout papaya Tea其他的朋友喝了都有解決多年痛風的困擾,沒事也可喝,還不錯。
Other friends suffering from years of gout problem have also recovered. It is good for all, even those without gout.

Good formula! Do share with the people in need!
中國藥學院— 賴 教授改良新方式:
An improved sequence by Professor Lai from the China School of Pharmacy :


Cut green papaya into small cubes, place into the water, bring to boil, then add green tea leaves, similar to the tea-making process. Clinical tests show that this brings better effects for treatment of gout, subject to frequent drinking of this formula.

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