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December 27th, 2016



Superior comfort: Best choice for drivers who consider comfort a priority in their riding experience.

Low noise levels: Positioned on the inner shoulder of the tyre pattern, “Harmonic Comfort Chambers”, based on the “Helmholtz resonator” principle, cancel out unpleasant noise frequencies. The “Whisper Compound” of the CC6 features polymers which adapt to the rough surface of the road, resulting in the reduction of vibration for less tyre noise.

Flexible compound absorbs road bumps: The selected “Whisper Compound” also supports the damping effect to provide improved rolling comfort.

High mileage performance: With the advanced sulphur network in the compound acting as an enhanced bond for the polymers, the product delivers greater efficiency in mileage performance.

Wide range of sizes: Available for rims from 13 to 16-inch diameters.

“We are thrilled to present the all-new and upgraded Generation 6 products to the Malaysian market, taking their driving experience to new heights. The launch of the Generation 6 products marks an important milestone in the history of Continental Tyres and proves to be another testament of our relentless pursuit for customer satisfaction and commitment to the local customers.” added Wilson.

The UltraContact UC6 and ComfortContact CC6 are made at CTM’s high-tech Alor Star plant and are now available at CTM dealerships nationwide – BestDrive Continental, Continental, Dunlop Klinikar and Viking Stores.



The media gang and I were quite convinced and impressed with improvements the two latest Continental tyres have over their predecessors; the UC6 glues itself to the tarmac – on the straights; fast and slow, sweeping and sharp corners, in the dry and wet; and it also stops the car better. The CC6, on the other hand, records less amount of noise (albeit via a decibel meter since normal human eyes would barely notice the difference). Driving the Volkswagen Jetta and Nissan Teana used for the demos, I really had no complaint about the tyres, as far as the ride and handling were concerned.


Continental AG, based in Hanover, Germany, has fi ve divisions: Chassis & Safety, Interior, Powertrain, Tyres and ContiTech. The latter has about 49,000 employees at 24 facilities worldwide. It is one of Europe’s leading passenger car and light truck tyre manufacturers and the world’s fourthlargest passenger car and light truck tyre manufacturer in the original equipment and replacement business sectors.

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You Name It, I Have It!