DECORATING a home is so much fun and personal because a home says so much about the owner.

CS Alloy metalwork

There are Zen-inspired homes, cosy homes, cluttered homes and retro style homes. While not many people will get the privilege of entering your home, many will see the gates of your home, and represent what’s inside. Therefore, put in the time and effort in deciding how your gates should look like.

For truly outstanding looking gates with a designer’s touch, look no further than CS Alloy Design. This company has been breaking ground over he years with its avantgarde designs. So popular are their designs that patents have been applied.

CS Group director Glenn Wong is a specialist in metalwork design. He is also an interior designer.

“When I first came in, I wanted to get away from the usual flower design. I wanted something symbolic,”he says.

His creative ideas have led to the popular Clover, Peace Lily and Rural Charm series. These designs are seen in discerning homes all over Malaysia. It was CS Alloy which introduced the cubic metal concept, a vibrant and three-dimensional design that has a beautiful visual effect.

While the Clover series is depicted by simple lines, the Foliage Allure series has a heavier design using the Angsana Tree which works well for homes that require greater privacy. in the Peace Lily series, Wong toned it down and created a cluster of lilies that has a charming effect.

In his new designs, Wong has selected new colors not commonly used in the market which is the grey green and grey brown tones. This modified epoxy-based paint can withstand the harsh elements of nature and will do justice to grand homes. In short, CS Alloy gates are truly captivating. the company custom makes special gates for customers with a designer’s touch, something many other companies may lack.

“When you come to us, you are getting different with a designer’s flair,” says Wong. “What may look simple to you has actually gone through so much effort and processes. As a designer, I take into account the combination, the color and the space. I do not merely produce a design, everything else must be taken into account.”

CS Alloy metalwork come with good workmanship and intricate details. Besides gates, they also produce number plates and cubicmetal frames for customers.

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