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Organic Foods And Pregnancy

August 16th, 2010

Organic Foods And PregnancyOrganic Foods And Pregnancy

With the growing concern of pollution and pesticides, many more people are eating organic foods. However, the question everybody wants to know is, is it safe for pregnant women to eat organic food?
As most pregnant mothers desire to have healthy babies, most of them forget that in order for that to happen they have to have healthy pregnancies first. Studies have shown that during pregnancy, babies in the womb take in many things that also affect the mother in many ways. Pesticides and other chemicals that are put in foods can be really harmful to your baby. Tests have shown that pesticide exposure in farm workers has been linked to several health problems such as eye irritation, lung problems and cancer. The effect of exposure in pregnant women is unclear, but, the harmful chemicals in pesticides may be hard for your baby’s system to process and release. You may not be concerned about what goes in your food, but now when you are pregnant, you are eating for two, and it’s time to question what chemicals are safe for your baby.

Socrates was wise when he said “Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food.” This is absolutely the truth because the natural food that God created for us like fruits and vegetables have the needed nourishment for our bodies, to ward off many diseases, as well as for your overall health. God gave us exactly what we need to help in the healing process of the body, but most of us are not aware of this because natural, holistic and organic approaches have been overtaken and ridiculed by the today’s medical establishment who so fiercely push chemical treatments and over the counter drugs to treat patients of their ailments.

ChossingOrganicChoosing Organic Foods

Today GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) food is running so rampant that it’s almost hard to find any type of organically grown food. Since there has been more interest by the public into organic food more organic food products are being seen on the shelves of grocery food stores. This is good for any pregnant mother because not only can she eat food that is healthy, but she can eat food that hasn’t been altered in other words it’s still in its original state.

This brings us to our point concerning organic fruits and vegetables. Pregnant women will benefit highly from eating these types of fruits and vegetables because they will get the maximum benefit that that fruit and vegetable can deliver. If you eat vegetables try not to cook them. Eating them raw or steamed will have the most benefit than eating them cooked.

Expecting mothers are told to eat foods that are high on calcium, iron, and folic acids because it’s helps the growth of baby’s during pregnancy. When shopping for organic foods, make sure potatoes are at the top of your list. Farmed potatoes are traditionally sprayed with high levels of pesticides. Buy organic vegetables such as potatoes to help lower the risk of your baby being exposed to high levels of pesticides.

Organic whole soy beans is a great nutritious food for you and your baby. Soy beans grown on farms contain high levels of modifications and only a small percentage of soy is grown organically in the United States.

Apples are one of the best organic fruits you can eat while you are pregnant. Studies show that organic apples tend to taste better and are more fresh than the conventional apples grown on farms.

If you want to eat beef, it’s best to eat organic. Omega-3 fatty acids play a positive role in fetal brain development during pregnancy, and organic feed cattle are more likely to have levels of Omega-3 acids than nonorganic cattle.

Even though studies have not shown that eating organic foods is the best way to eat during pregnancy, it’s better to know your options. Just remember that what you put inside your body will affect the growth of your unborn baby. Take the time and visit your physician to see what works the best for you and your baby. These are just some of the fruits and vegetables that contain a good amount of folic acid. Make sure that you eat properly if you’re pregnant and of course adding organic fruits and vegetables to your diet will ensure that you and your baby will benefit greatly health wise.

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