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Online Make Money

November 19th, 2010

Work From Home? Paid to Read/Click? well we have heart this long time ago, but is it really work?

In the Internet world there is many possible things, but when you really try it, you will find that is not that much as you suspect,. Let us further understanding the type of Online Make Money.

1. Paid to Click / Read / Surf / Post / Upload and many more…

From above this is more on advertisement type of earning.Which mean the advertiser will paid a certain amount of money to the Marketing Company to request customer to view on their advertisement. And the Marketing Company will take out some percentage of the revenue and share it with their members in order to encourage them to view  the advertisement which request by advertiser. The revenue sharing will be base on how many advertisement has the members been viewed and the standard earning is $0.001 usd for a single view. But there is a minimum amount of money the members need to accumulate in order get the payment from the Marketing Company. Basically it will be $5.00 usd has accumulate earn by member in order get pay out from the Marketing Company. There is many kind of Marketing Company is doing this type of revenue sharing, And I am recommended you for Donkeymails which a company has more than 5years in this market. No Minimum Payout

2. Earn Money by Selling Things or Services Online.

Other than advertisement, the another thing will be selling something through Internet. On of the most easy way is to become Affiliate for certain company and get paid when customer is using your dedicated link/URL to the site and purchase something. Example like Commission Junction, ClickBank, and more.

Else you may also sell products or services on some of the famous Auction Website likes eBay,, Digitalpoint Forum, and many more.

3. Sell digital Products

Example like selling eBook, Photos and Video. For me, I am only have the experience in selling Photos, it just need you to upload a photo in their website and once they approve, many of the designer will start to able buy your photos for their art work. It is call loyalty free images, which your photo will be in the website and unlimited time people can buy it for their own purpose which is agree by you.

4. Participate in Survey.

This is another way you can earn money by spending sometime in answering the survey form to earn some points which most of them able to covert into money. The problem for survey is most of them are only available for US, Europe and China Only. Although some of them accept International people, but if you are not from those countries, you will properly not receive any survey from them.

5. Earn by Investment

This is another type of online make money with RISK! You can hear it name as Forex Investment or HYIP Investment. This kind of investment may help you earn fast money, but of course the risk is even higher.  It is not recommended for the new online make money people to join on this game.



You Name It, I Have It!