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OLIVENOL™ plus is now in your pharmacies and clinics

March 2nd, 2011


From the inventor of OLIVENOL™, Chairman of CreAgri Inc. and CreAgri International Sdn. Bhd.

Dear Olivenol customers,

I am very pleased to inform you that OLIVENOL™ plus is now readily available in your pharmacies and clinics!

WE regret the sudden interruption in supply which may have caused frustration and discomfort to the thousands of loyal consumers.

To those of you whose quality of life were affected, I share your pain. I am aware that joint inflammation and aches, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and overall immune health are indications that require uninterrupted adjuvant treatment.

Today, I am very happy to announce the return of OLIVENOL™ plus, CreAgri International’s all natural, organic flagship product from our HIDROX® platform that contains 2X MORE olive polyphenols than any previous formulation.

OLIVENOL™ plusAs OLIVENOL™ have been successful and extremely well accepted by consumers like you, do not be surprise if you see new products in the marketplace that are sold to compete with OLIVENOL plus. Whether thy promote new combination of ingredients of undeclared origin or claim unproven clinical benefits, I wish to let you know that there is only one OLIVENOL plus make by CreAgri International.

If you want to be certain you are purchasing our improved, clinically proven formulation and the only olive polyphenol product that meets GRAS safety standards set US FDA, look out for the following US patent numbers print on the box:

For further assurance that the product you purchase is authentic, I encourage you to verify the product SERIAL No and SECRET PIN using our authentication SMS service or website at htto://

To those of you who are amongst 5000 members of our growing facebook community (http;//, your active participation is a source of inspiration to me.

I value your suggestion and appreciate your friendship and the candour of your feedback. I take all your suggestions seriously into CreAgri’s internal planning process. You have my commitment to continue investment in R&D in order to develop innovations that better meet your needs.

You may now continue to enjoy the benefits of CreAgri’s 100% organic, natural and powerful goodness of OLIVENOL plus in Malaysia without interruption. I wish you well for many years ahead.

OLIVENOL™ plus is available from retail pharmacies and clinics nationwide.

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You Name It, I Have It!