TERMITE damage may not be as sudden or as violent as damage from fire or storms, but the truth is, termites cause more damage than all fires, hurricanes and tornadoes combined.

The damages of a termite-infested house are nothing to laugh at. Termites chew mercilessly, be it your kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shelves and bookcases.Your roof is also not spared as these pests can cause your house to collapse.

To effectively eliminate termites from causing damage to your house, it is important that you understand the biology and feeding behavior of termites. Subterranean termites, the most common kind that attack properties, live in the soil. They are social insects and, like ants, live in colonies which can contain up to two million members. These colonies consist of a network of tunnels and chambers built around a king and queen whose job is to reproduce. The rest of the colony is made up of secondary reproductives, workers and soldiers that play specific roles in keeping the colony healthy.

RidpestTermites that are going to become queens are fed special chemicals and food by worker termites to make sure that they grow up with wings and the ability to mate and to lay eggs.

Most of these termites, which are known as reproductives, fly off from the nests in large numbers during the wet part of the year. At this stage the all look similar, whether they are males (kings) or females (queens) and none of them have swollen abdomens. They fly away from the nest to begin a new colony in another place. if they are successful, they meet a mate and dig into the soil.

Once there, they begin to form a new colony. When the king and queen are safely together in the nest, the queen begins to grow and produce eggs to start a new colony.

Worker termites are soft-bodied, wingless, blind and sterile individuals in the colony. They keep busy 24hours a day digesting wood fibres and other forms of cellulose which they eat, digest and share with other members of the colony. They can even chew through lead, asphalt, plaster or mortar to find wood.

Soldier termites are involved in defense. They are wingless, blind and soft-bodied. their heads are usually larger than the workers and are normally equipped with a pair of mandibles of jaws.

Termites often infest buildings and damage wood panels, door frames, window frames, wooden flooring, wallpaper, paper products and fabric made of plant fibres.

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In addition, Ripdest will also pay you an amount not exceeding the same amount paid by you to get another pest control company of your choice to treat the termite infestation. Or you can continue to use your service at no additional charge.

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