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Niu Zhang Zhi

July 3rd, 2012

Introducing… the King of Mushrooms!

Niu Zhang Zhi is made from a unique mushroom found only in Taiwan. First discovered during the Qing Dynasty, this national treasure is so rare, it’s protected by the Taiwanese government.

What makes Niu Zhang Zhi so potent? It’s the amount of triterpenoids, the main active ingredient. While the popular LingZhi mushroom has only 50 triterpenoids, Niu Zhang Zhi has over 200.

That’s four times as many! Imagine the liver-protecting power!

Cosway - King of Mushrooms

The Discovery of Niu Zhang Zhi

In 1773 the famous Chinese doctor Wu-Sha arrived at Formosa (the main island of Taiwan). He found that the local inhabitants there were avid consumers of alcohol, and subsequently plagued by hangovers, hepatitis and cinhosis. He’s also amazed with the swiftness with which the Formosans recovered. Later, Dr. Wu-Sha discovered the locals’ rapid recovery was due to a “magical mushroom” – Niu Zhang Zhi – that is highly revered by the Formosans. Niu Zhang Zhi was used to remedy all kinds ofillnesses and weariness, and is even used as an antidote for poisons!

This liver-healing miracle is right at your fingertips!

Some people have vague health symptoms they can’t identify, suggesting a “sluggish” liver. Other people have serious liver diseases that are already diagnosed. Are you in one of these groups?

Only a healthy liver can eliminate dangerous toxins!

The liver is the most important organ in your entire body, aside from your heart. It’s absolutely crucial for detoxification, preventing dangerous toxins from multiplying in your cells and tissues.

The problem is, modern living can seriously overwork your liver. Bad foods… alcohol… prescription drugs… and constant stress can make your liver “sluggish”, without you even realizing its happening.

Over time, this sets the stage for serious – or life-threatening – health disasters. Thank goodness for Niu Zhang Zhi This amazing liver tonic can speed up your “sluggish” liver, sweep toxins out of your body, and restore your health and vitality.

Either way, Niu Zhang Zhi can significantly enhance your liver function. With this amazing tonic in your daily routine, you can:

. Reduce the damage from poor diet, overmedication or alcohol! Niu Zhang Zhi is highly effective against cirrhosis (or hardening) of the liver. lt can also improve a fatty liver by removing harmful triglycerides from your liver cells

. Put a stop to liver-induced fatigue! Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that “liver heat” can hamper a good night’s sleep, even if you get a full eight hours. With Niu Zhang Zhi, you won’t be tired in the morning anymore!

. Alleviate the dangers of Hepatitis! Niu Zhang Zhi offers significant improvements to your liver…whether you’re suffering from Hepatitis B or C

. Finally shed the excess fat that you’ve been carrying around your midriff. Because your liver controls your body’s metabolic rale, a “sluggish” liver impairs your metabolism, leading to fat accumulation – especially around the abdomen. Niu Zhang Zhi helps you achieve your ideal weight more easily when you go on a diet, and avoid the infamous weight loss plateaus or yo-yo effects

. Reduce the risk of liver cancer and other cancers as well! Several studies found that Niu Zhang Zhi exerts protective effects against liver, lung, cervical, colon, breast and prostate cancer



You Name It, I Have It!