In the Feng Shui practice, colours play a crucial role in bringing balance and harmony of a location. This is because colours can manifest the energies of the Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, which are the fundamental principles of effective feng shui applications.

In feng shui, practitioners use colours to promote the energies of the Five Elements to enhance them to harmonies the space and location with the occupants’ personal details. Feng shui experts believe that each person absorbs energies from different colours.

When the “Qi” of a person is strong, good things will manifest for the person and thus bringing wealth, health, career or education advancement, love and family harmony to that person.

To apply colours properly in Feng Shui, Nippon Paint would have to perform a Feng Shui calculation for the person using his or her date of birth. Once the personal Gua Number and Bazi Element have been derived, they will match the correct colours to these results by using the Principle of Productive Cycle of the Five Elements.

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Nippon has an application available that conveniently determines your Gua number and auspicious colours. This help to enhance your wealth, family, health, love, career and education.