Is it better to have a gas cooker that produces more concentrated flames or one that saves gas?

How about one that releases less carbon monoxide into the air?

Or is it really too much to ask for the three of them in one revolutionary cooking technology?

The Zenne Twister is the new twist in cooking technology that is designed and engineered to produce more concentrated heat, better gas burning efficiency and eco-friendly flames that produce almost zero level of carbon monoxide.

Zenne TwisterWith the depleting resources of our planted and the alarming state of air pollution in mind, the chief designer of the Zenne Twister, Masao Hara, set himself on a mission to design a gas cooker that would be able to maximise the output of heat with minimum use of gas and at the same time, be powerful enough to satisfy the Malaysian cooking habit for better “fire” power.

His research effors plus 35 years of experience and a passion for gas cooker design, brought about the breakthrough of the first-ever eco-friendly gas cooker. It not only saves gas and minimises the release of carbon monoxide into the air, but also produces powerful concentric flames for more efficient cooking.

Normal burners flow gas through a circle of holes and produce a static ring of flames that transfer heat around the sides of your cookware.

Not only does this produce unfocused flames that generate less heat, gas will also be carried away unburn and unused by the air current, causing a higher consumption of gas and a large amount of carbon monoxide released into the air.

Inspired by the twister (tornado) phenomenon in nature, the Zenne Twister is designed in a unique way that manipulates the gas pressure to ensure it flows in a “twisting” manner towards the centre like a twister, creating a “cyclone” of concentrated flames.

The swirling gas flow also prevents the gas from drifting away unburnt into the air current and, as a result, lowers the usage of gas effectively by up to 25% and minimises the amount of carbon monoxide released into the air in the process.

Just to highlight the dangers of carbon monoxide, a fraction of a percentage of carbon monoxide in an enclosed environment could knock out a person in less than 10minutes.

The Zenne Twister is certified by the Japan Inspection Association (JIA) in recognition of its revolutionary gas cooking technology. With the Zenne Twister, not only can you cook up a storm with concentrated heat, you can also enjoy outstanding gas efficiency and promote eco-friendliness.

The Zenne Twister is engineered and distributed by Znne Appliances Sdn Bhd. For details, call 03-89489088 or visit