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New GINTELL iRest For The Ultimate In Comfort

May 6th, 2011

Gintell iRest  COME home to the ultimate pampering experience with the new GINTELL iRest – the first adjustable massage bed in the local market. You can look forward to hours of comfort and relaxation with one of these in the bedroom. Made from American technology, Gintell has been appointed the authorized dealer in South-East Asia.

Mattresses come in many different materials, such as spring, latex, coconut fibre and memory foam. GINTELL iRest is made from memory foam.

This material was developed by Nasa in 1970 to relieve high gravity pressure on astronauts. It is supervisor in terms of comfort.

The memory foam follows your body contour and supports the spine. It distributes your weight evenly, which helps prevent muscle ache and numbness as well as help relieve snoring and insomnia.

For your peace of mind, it is also mildew-proof, antibacterial and non-allergenic.

The mattress features Nanotex fabric, which uses nanotechnology to modify the molecular structure to create an unexpected level of comfort.

Nanotex fabric also comforms to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and Consumer Product Safety Commissioner standards as well as the European Union, Latin America, Asia Pacific regional equivalent institutions. It has also passes the assessment of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which means it is 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested.


Gintell has ingeniously combined this with Airbag Massage System (AMS) technology of which airbag massage is the core.

There are 19 airbags inside the mattress. The vibration of the AMS is the fundamental way of in-depth massage. It replicates kneading and knocking motions together with a combination of other movements to provide total relaxation through systematic internal to external massage for improved quality of sleep. The AMS is the latest technology developed in the United States.

Another highlight of the GINTELL iRest is its five-panel auto adjustable base, which gives you maximum comfort according to your needs. Its solid wood frame is managed by remote control for lifting up the back, legs and waist individually.

Its aesthetically pleasing exterior designs comes with a solid structure and low noise level and is safe to use.

With this, you can adjust your posture according to your optimum level of comfort and can even read, watch television or use your laptop while getting a nice, relaxing massage in the comfort of your bed.

GINTELL iRest’s combination of the five-panel auto adjustable base. AMS technology, in-depth vibration massage, memory foam mattress and latest technology from the United States combine to present on effective way to help beat tiredness and relieve tension and insomnia and relieving lower back stress and improved blood circulation due to the vibration and massage as well as improved breathing due to an ideal sleeping position.

Due to the adjustable base, you can adjust your position accordingly to accommodate back or sinus problems.

Having established a solid reputation for massage chairs, Gintell is now moving forward towards a new era by presenting massage beds.

The GINTELL iRest features different massage modes and combinations. You can even select which part of the body to concentrate the massage on.

The GINTELL iRest is available at selected Gintell outlets. Prices start from RM5,988. Take advantage of the current promotion – Buy one GINTELL iRest king-sized bed set and get a free massage chair worth RM11,988 only while stocks last. This promotion is valid until April 15, so hurry and get your own GINTELL iRest today. For details, call 1-800-88-6332 or 012-390 0340 (Joseph Lim) or log on to

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