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MyoVision’s Lightweight Lens To Reduce Myopia In Children

May 4th, 2011

NEARLY half of all 11-13-year-old children, Asian urban areas suffer from near-sightedness (myopia). To date, progressive myopia has only been treated with progressive eyeglass lenses, bifocal eyeglass lenses, contact lenses or pharmaceutical eye drops.

Slowing down myopia

Myopia is a progressive degenerative eyesight condition. Those with myopia see near objects clearly, but far away objects appear blurred.

This happens when the cornea becomes too dome-shaped or the eyeball too elongated.

Myopia is often first diagnosed in children aged four to six years and it is expected to progress rapidly until the mid-20s.

To reduce the progression of myopia due to eyeball elongation, ZEISS introduced an innovative single-vision eye-glasses lens called MyoVision. Using ZEISS’s sophiscated “Peripheral Vision Management Technology”, its first research indicates that it has an effect of sending a signal to the eye to reduce progression of the eye elongation.

MyoVision may be able to help children and young people with genetically inherited myopia to see clearer at school, in the playground and at home.


Light and easy

The MyoVision lens is a thin and lightweight plastic single vision lens that is comfortable to wear, and easy to handle. Visually, the appearance of MyoVision eyeglass lenses is not distinguishable from common lenses. So far, the lenses have been tested on myopic Chinese kids.

Carl Zess Vision vice-president of corporate research and development Dr Markus H.Haidl says: “For over 160 years, Carl Zeiss Vision has been among the pioneers in the science of vision. “We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to protect human eyesight and eye health to increase the quality of life.

“Myoopia is a widespread problem in Asia. We hope that with our unique knowledge and innovative technology, we can provide Asia parents with effective solutions for their children’s myopia management.”

Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre director Dr Ge Jian supports the launch of MyoVision in Asia. “Myopia is alarmingly prevalent among young people in Asia, with 50% to 60% of middle-school students being near-sighted.

“According to our research, wearing glasses to reduce the hyperopic defocus in the peripheral retina indicate a slowing down in the progression of myopia in South-East and Eastern Asian children between the age of six and 12. I’m delighted to see the ZEISS has turned this innovative technology into a practical, commercial product which may bring long-term benefits to many youngsters in Asia who suffer from near-sightedness.”

Widely available and affordable

ZEISS has been committed to help improve the eyesight of young Asians for years. The launch of MyoVision is just our latest effort,” says Carl Zeiss Vision Malaysia sales manager Paul Ho.

MyoVision is available in 600 retail outlets around Malaysia. MyoVision lenses are available at different price points to ensure that as many parents as possible have access to this innovative product that will provide long-term benefits to their child’s eyesight.” For detail, visit us at



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