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Mettananda Vihara looking donation for Sukhakari Dhamma Hall 2013 project

September 21st, 2013

I have visit the temple and confirm they are looking donation for the Sukhakari Dhamma Hall project, if you are interested to donate, please contact the below person. Click here to download the attached PowerPoint

From: Sor Sung Ooi []
Subject: Fw: Mettananda Vihara – Sukhakari Dhamma Hall donation 2013 project

Dear Dhamma Brothers and sisters

Warm greetings from Selina Ooi . We are very fortunate to be able to continue to perform generosity in different ways to different organisations. I had been assisting in organising various events in this temple since it establishment in year 2005.

The current resident sangha is Sayadaw Vijjanandalinkara whom had been spending 4 years vassa in this temple. Due to huge demand of bigger space to accommodate the increase of influx of devotees especially the Burmese communities whom needs of proper and large space to perform their good deeds.

By performing “Dana, Sila and Bhavana”, the blessing for the devotees are to have good behaviour and attitude towards the society which in turns bring happiness,harmony and good morality.

In returns, we can helps them to fullfill their dreams by donating any amount. Any official receipt will be issued. If you wish to donate Rm 500 above, the donor name will be engraved in the hall. This will assist to expedite the project to complete soonest possible because of the rising cost of materials.

Let me share how this building started……the construction of Sukhakari Dhamma Hall is currently being handled by Burmese volunteers who had selflessly sacrificed their days off on the weekends and holidays to build the hall. Although the construction progress is going on steadily, we are still lacking in funds to purchase the construction materials.

We would be much grateful if you can contribute to the purchase of the materials for the construction of the remaining building. Please view the attached photographs. May this good deeds that you perform will brings you and your family good health and happiness.

Sadhu! sadhu! Sadhu

Yours in dhamma with metta,
Selina Ooi Sor Sung

*** You can deposit to my saving account for easy tracking . Then I will issue and scan the official receipt. Please do drop me an email on your deposit, the amount and bank in date.

  •          My saving account : Public Bank
  •          Account no: 4-1660608-13
  •          Name: Ooi Sor Sung
  •          HP: 016-4228320

Dateline before 30th September 2013. Mettananda Vihara is situated at Jalan Paya Terubung, Air Itam Penang .



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